The reasons why I am so over 2016

It is that time of the year again. A New Year. New Start. When you get to pretend you are starting your entire life again. *mini fist pump*

By waking up on January 1st, you will magically be a new person – you will want to exercise, you will want to eat healthy food, you will be productive and happy and ready for anything that comes your way.

*Disclaimer* It doesn’t quite happen like that. But I am SO ready to start a new year with a positive attitude and drive, and can’t wait to see where it takes me.

I never really buy into the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing but this year, however, I really do need it. I want closure from this year and I want that feeling you get when you are starting a whole new school year. When you get a new pencil case and your shoes are clean. You get new exercise books, different classes, you can just start again – ready for the new year.

I want to say goodbye to 2016, lock it in a trunk and send it to Timbuktu – just like they did with Edgar in The Aristocats.

I haven’t had a terrible year – nothing awful has happened to me. Quite the opposite – I have had some unbelievable opportunities and amazing things have happened. I have travelled to places I LOVE, with my favourite people. I went to Italy for a month, shot a campaign with Henry Holland in Amsterdam, had press trips to Paris, Miami and Barbados. I went to the BAFTAs to see Leo win. I built friendships with some truly amazing people, some of whom I really hope I will be friends with for a looooong old time.
And 2016 will always be the year that I cut all my hair off to shoulder length and LOVED it.

But now I am so over 2016. Overall – it has just sucked a little bit.
I really don’t want to sound like an ungrateful, wingeing, whining, cry baby – because I am not – I am just super excited for my next challenges.

I also know that I didn’t push myself to be the best that I could be. I plodded along expecting everything just to work out really well, with minimum effort – and honey, life doesn’t work like that.

My 4 reasons why 2016 has sucked

1) Everyone seemed to die.
Especially in the past few weeks. People who brought magic into this world in their own way, have been taken away. So this year needs to end. 2016 is clearly cursed so to save all other famous people from being sucked into its death curse it needs to be over now. Mainly to save the Queen.

2) I didn’t achieve my goals. If I am being really honest – all targets I set for myself a year ago, I didn’t quite reach. Things ranging from where I wanted my blog and Instagram to be… to looking like a Victoria Secret model.

3) The world seems to be falling apart – Brexit, Trump, bombings, shootings, gorillas, viruses.

4) I am just not feeling it anymore ok?

So goodbye 2016

I am so ready for a new year. I need the psychological cleanse that comes with the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve. I am going to be leaping into 2017 on the stroke of midnight with as much haste as Cinderella had, when she ran away from the ball at the stroke of midnight.

I just want to get back on track, stop over analysing and comparing myself to every single person and every single thing, work my ass off and feel satisfied that I am doing my best – which, I know deep down, I have not been doing for a while.

I want a full life detox – I want to be healthy. I don’t mean not eat macaroni cheese or binge on chocolate biscuits ever again because lets be honest – that would make me unhappy rather than anything else. But I want to be healthy in terms of doing what is best for me.

I want to detox my wardrobe and my room, get rid of everything I don’t need or wear that is just clogging up my life.

I want to not be addicted to my phone. I want to go to sleep when I get into bed rather than after 6 hours of mindless scrolling and refreshing of social media. I want to take days off from Instagram, not ask for the wifi code everywhere I go, go somewhere for fun – not just for a cute photo.

I want to call my friends and chat about our lives not just whatsapp them memes (although that is still very important).

I want to cut out the toxic people in my life and make more time for the truly delicious ones.

I want to get fitter and stronger, not skinnier and more filtered.

I want to be on top of my inbox and I WANT TO KEEP MY ROOM TIDY.

I want to go out for dinner with my boyfriend and not get mad at him when he tells me to put my phone away.

But mainly I want to work really hard. I have this incredible opportunity to have the career of my dreams. Something that I have totally built from scratch and something that I am so proud of. I am surrounded by incredible, amazing, talented, ambitious girl-bosses who are in a job that we are all so excited to have.
So I am going to push myself to make it the best I can make it – and get back to having the most amount of fun with it.

I feel like I lost myself a bit this year but I just need to get back to doing what I love – creating content that I love. I NEED to stop trying to do what everyone else is doing and just do what I want with it – which is the total beauty of blogging. You can do what you want. You don’t have a boss. So I am so excited to start again with my blog.

And with that – goodbye 2016. Thank you for the life lessons, the plane tickets, the laughs and the tears. Oh and f*** you for taking away Princess Leia.