Brunch at Forest on the Roof

I recently went to Forest on the Roof (it is actually on a roof – of Selfridges none the less). I mainly decided to go there because of the hype. I’d heard how beautiful it was and that it was a christmas-magic-forest setting. I thought “yeah yeah sure, a forest, sure… they will just have some twigs and that will be it”.

But I was wrong… Forest has outdone its self. It is literally like walking into a non-snowy Narnia, the moment you step out of the cupboard lift.

There are so many branches and twigs everywhere (to the point where you have to duck when walking through them), accompanied with even more fairy lights, and – wait for it- they have tweeting bird noises playing as you walk through the passageway to the restaurant entrance. (As in, the sounds that birds make… not birds on twitter).

See… Narnia.

Inside, the restaurant is flooded with daylight from the panoramic windows gazing out over the roofs of London. (How poetic)
All the waiters wear plaid shirts (so lumberjack) and there are gorgeous tartan rugs over the backs of chairs. Plus more twigs and fairy lights. I love a good attention to detail.

The menu is a real treat. All the options are based around items that you can forage for… but then I went for something you absolutely can’t find in a forest – a crumpet. And I am not sorry about it either.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a ridiculously unhealthy obsession with crumpets, and when you combine that with my other favourite food of a salmon eggs benedict – well, it would just be rude not to order that.

It was sublime. Crumpet Benedict is now my new favourite form of Benedict. You can take your English muffins elsewhere – I am alll about the crumpet now. 

The boy went for a plate of cheese. This is hardly surprising either as cheese is his favourite food but it was still a weird choice for a one course quick lunch. However, it was absolutely amazing. It came with a honey truffle oil sauce. AMAZING. I had a little bit of food envy, I admit.

Also – when there are truffled chips on the menu – you order truffled chips. No brainer.

Literally in a forest heaven.

I now been to Forest on the Roof twice, once for brunch (as above) and once for dinner, where I had a truffled mushroom risotto (yes I am also on a truffle hype right now – Father Christmas even put some in my stocking- what a babe). I would really highly recommend it as a perfect winter restaurant. It is slightly expensive – unless you just go for one course (like we did). The crumpet Benedict definitely filled me up for a lunch, and the orange juice was delicious. 

Let me know if you have been or what you would order off their amazing amazing menu.