GIRLS NIGHT at the Mondrian LDN

Mondrian Hotel Cocoa Chelsea morgans girls night space invaders popcorn jesschamilton vintage cinema

Hey kids! HAPPY SATURDAY. Today’s post is a good old hotel review – haven’t done one of these in forever – but this is the place you NEED to be spending your Saturdays from now on, ok?

This is probably the quickest turn around I have ever had on a blog post as I literally got home from the hotel about 2 hours ago – (feeling MEGA efficient)… but I just couldn’t wait to share with you the sexy cool hotel that I stayed in last night – none other than the Mondrian London.

Mondrian Hotel Cocoa Chelsea morgans girls night phone box red telephone thames

I have never been to the Mondrian before – gasp – but I was very kindly invited to a GIRLLSSS NIGHTTTT event – which would involve an overnight stay, drinks and nibbles and a private screening of the ultimate girls night film ‘Mean Girls’. I mean – YAS YAS YAS. So I packed my mini suitcase and headed along the riverbank to Upper Ground Street and checked into my fabulous room.. which I would be sharing with my gal pal Sabrina (from A Little Obsessed).

Oh hello red velvet macaron cakes… DIVINE.

We got a cheeky little room upgrade which was amazing as we got a RIVER VIEW. A RIVER VIEW GUYS. We could see St Paul’s from our window – what a dream! We were on the 3rd floor in room 335 if you were wondering.

The other hilarious thing was I was directly opposite my boyfriends offices as he works just by Blackfriars so I could literally see his office where he would have been working away, whilst I was lazing around in my dressing gown in the morning, eating room service and drinking the most amazing smoothie ever. I know which one of us I would have rather been this morning!

Mondrian Hotel Cocoa Chelsea morgans girls night river view river thames blackfriars

Anyway – the room is absolutely gorgeous – but before I go into details about our room and important stuff like bed comfiness (spoiler alert – they are MEGA comfy), I wanted to share a few snap from the actual Girls Night event! (If you are jus there for the room deets then just keep on scrolling).

We started off the evening with nibbles, bubbles, cocktails and mini burgers in their rooftop bar, Rumpus Room. This place is just the coolest – it has a little terrace with a view over the river & of my fav, StPaul’s. There was a great atmosphere up there, divine decor, great cocktails and the food was DELICIOUS. I could have munched my way through those mini burgers for hours.

After a good old session upstairs, catching up with some of my fav blogging girls and meeting new ones – we headed downstairs to the basement to one of the dreamiest cinema spaces filled with film memorabilia, VIDEO CASSETTES  (don’t ask my why I got so excited about them), popcorn, wine and SPACE INVADERS.

Mondrian Hotel Cocoa Chelsea morgans girls night space invaders popcorn jesschamilton vintage cinema

After da movie (which I obvs thoroughly enjoyed), we headed upstairs, took off our make up and climbed into the hugest king sized bed, watched a few episodes of Friends and then fell asleep VERY content. I was so excited to wake up in the morning as ordering breakfast in bed is probably my all time favourite activity ever.

And my, what a feast we ordered. I got eggs royale – probably my favourite breakfast treat (mainly because I absolutely can not ever cook it at home), a croissant, a raspberry blueberry yogurt smoothie and a cup of tea. Sabrina got avocado on toast with a side of sausages. What is breakfast without a side of sausages?

But now – drum roll please -let me give you a photographic room tour, starting with our messy but SERIOUSLY dreamy bed –

Room was utterly beautiful, absolutely huge – so much room for activities – but I think the winner for me was the decor of the lobby – I mean – can we just admire:

Mondrian Hotel Cocoa Chelsea morgans girls night

Ive never been in such a photogenic lobby before – every single corner was a work of art. Every curve, every light, all the velvet – its all in those groovy little detail that makes this hotel absolutely unique from anywhere else I have stayed.

I would also love to add in a huge shoutout to everyone on reception – they were incredible helpful, friendly, welcoming, chatty. They seemed to genuinely enjoy working at the hotel and were proud to show it off, unlike so many hotels, where if you want the concierge to say hello or to smile is £20 extra.

I had the best night with so many incredible girls – I blooming love a girls night. I can’t fault this hotel at all – I didn’t have one thing that I would have changed. I mean – they even had bottles of Evian water next to our beds – and that is my FAVOURITE bottled water *laughs at how ridiculous I am*.

Thank you so much Mondrian London for having me – I will absolutely be back – even if it is just to wave to my boyfriend from across the river showing off how cool my job most of the time.

If you were looking at booking a room – I THINK my room was around £200. Mondrian is part of the Morgans Hotel Group which also have The Sanderson (one of my favs) and St Martins Lane hotel. I think my dream would be to stay in one of their hotels when I next go to Miami, as I was stalking their website yesterday and OH MY GOD – the Miami hotels are insane as well!!!!

Anyway – thanks so much for reading – I hope you enjoyed and got some hotel-spo… hotel inspo?

Let me know what your favourite hotels in London are below in the comments!

Lots of love,

Jess xx