But first, coffee. #Prontissimoment

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Coffee. Also known as life fuel. I love the whole coffee culture. I love coffee breaks. I love going out for coffee with friends. I love grabbing a take away coffee. I love meetings over a coffee. I love pretending to know what the difference is between a cappuccino, a latte and a flat white… 

When I was travelling around Italy, we had a proper, delicious coffee every morning and it was such a treat – something I was really going to miss when I got home to London. Somehow, coffee always tastes better when it happens to be a cappuccino in Venice. And yes I am a coffee snob.

However – I was recently sent some Lavazza Premium Instant Coffee and it has changed my DIY coffee game. IT TASTES SO GOOD. Not going to name names, but it is so much better than the other coffee brand that was originally in my kitchen cupboard. They have launched this premium instant coffee, Prontissimo, with the hope that ‘lovers of authentic coffee are able to enjoy a true Italian taste experience in an instant  – a Prontissimoment‘ – errrr that would be me. pick me. pick me. I will be happy to test that out.

They got in touch with me and wanted to know when I would reach for a cup of Prontissimo and how instant coffee fits into my busy lifestyle. 

I thought for a while about when I really do need and enjoy a quick cup of coffee during my day, and the answer I came up with was actually a pretty ordinary one….

I mean, it is perfect for those mornings when I am running late for a meeting (because my eyeliner went wrong so I had to start again, costing me my breakfast/coffee time) and so I need to take my coffee with me in a travel mug so I can sip it whilst power walking to the tube. 

It is also ideal for when I have too many jobs to finish in a day and I need a little energy boost to stop me from collapsing from tiredness whist arranging a flatlay, whilst tidying my room, whilst unpacking a suitcase that I have put off opening for a week. 

However, as much as I do rely on having a quick & easy coffee fix in those moments – the time that I really, really appreciate a cup of Lavazza Prontissimo coffee is when I sit down at my desk each the morning, start planning my day and organising my life. That is when I will always reach for a cup of coffee – as a way to kick start my day (and to keep me going through for the rest of it).

As a blogger, I work from home (on the days I am not in town, running around like a crazy person between meetings and events). Most people assume that full time bloggers have the easiest life, lazing around in their pyjamas, watching day-time TV whilst occasionally uploading a photo to Instagram. That would be lovely, and I am guilty for the occasionally not changing out of my pyjamas – but my days are actually a wild blur of to-do lists and deadlines. 

Either organising outfit shoots, planning blog posts, uploading campaigns, going through blogger mail, organising the chaos that is my make-up drawers, taking flatlay photos surrounded by 100 products and trying not to knock over the flowers I bought to make it look pretty- the list goes on. 

I also probably spend 80% of my day on my laptop, replying to emails, writing blog posts, sorting through photos from shoots, editing Instagrams, scheduling tweets and blog posts. And in my breaks, I spend my time scrolling through the DailyMail and catching up on all the gossip and life events on every single social media channel available. 

Therefore – this is when I need coffee. All through my busy days when I am working from home. Sometimes I make myself a coffee when I need a pick-me-up and sometimes I make one when I want 5 mins off to just relax.

So, I thought I would show you how a cup of Lavazza’s Prontissimo instant coffee fits into my everyday life.

 Let me quickly introduce you to my new coffee obsession. There are two different flavours – the Medio and the Intenso. I normally stick to the Medio – but both are divine. And let me tell you something – just because it is instant coffee – does not mean that it doesn’t taste like a proper coffee. This is definitely my favourite instant coffee that I have tried. Trust me. They are made using 100% Arabic beans and they contain a high percentage of microground roasted coffee granules. Also – you can pick it up a pouch from a supermarket for the same price as ONE drink at a Starbucks… just saying.

“What did you do today Jess?” “Oh- I made a heart out of coffee beans… you?” #BloggerFun
I’m a milk & sugar girl

So this is pretty much what my day looks like when I am working in my room at my desk…
Actually this is a much tidier version of my desk. Normally there are lipstick samples, press releases and chocolate biscuits scattered around everywhere.

My view, all day everyday.

When I am not working at home, I work at my Grandma’s house, who only lives 20 mins away from me. I love working here as it means I can get out of my house, have a change of scenery (and a reason to get out of my pyjamas), spend some time with her, but also take full advantage of the fact she has a balcony that looks over the London skyline…

For the record – she very much enjoys her cups of Lavazza coffee too.

Probably the most accurate photo of my daily life. Coffee in one hand, phone in the other.

Thanks wind – looking great now.

When your Grandma has a sugar cube jar – and it is so cute…

Sugar cubes make life better. 

Whilst showing you a BTS of my life – I thought I would leave the below photos in to show you exactly what my days looks like… There are foundation fingerprint marks on my laptop *oooops* and my sister in the reflection of the balcony doors taking the photos. See – not a glamorous photoshoot set – just day to day normal blogger life.

Outfit Details

Top: Topshop

Jeans: ASOS

Lipstick : M.A.C (Velvet Teddy)

Bracelet: Storm

Ring: Swarovski

Nails : Nails Inc

Phonecase: SkinnyDip

Notebook : Chroma Stationery


 What would be your perfect Prontissimoment?


*This post is sponsered by Lavazza but the coffee addiction and tastebuds are all my own*