About Me

HELLO. I am so happy you stopped by!

Welcome welcome welcome.

My name is Jessica, nice to meet you, and welcome to my Fashion/Lifestyle/Beauty/Food & Travel blog. Basically the classic, cliché mix of blogger topics.

So, you clicked the ‘About Me’ link so I am assuming you would like to know a bit about me, so I will give you the low down…

I started Cocoa Chelsea in January 2015 after about 4 years of dithering if I should start one or not (dithering is such a great word, it is very much underused I think). I have always wanted to write a blog/take all the photos/ make it look pretty but I chickened out as I thought that no one would ever read it, people would think I was ridiculously lame and self centred; and the main reason – I couldn’t think of a good blog name.. (some of my previous name ideas that are still stored in my Notes are so cringeworthy that I am embarrassed to know myself).

But then I had a “Yolo”, “Carpe Diem”, “New Year New me” moment in January ’15, and I decided I would man up and just go for it. So I manned up enough to start but not enough to tell people I had started – I kept the blog a secret from everyone I knew so I could work out what the fuck I was doing get my own style of writing/ and get to know my little corner on the Internet a bit better, without the worry that people were judging me/ what they thought – as you can tell, I was not self conscious at all..

So I made my blog and here we are!

So Cocoa Chelsea was born (a homage to my love of hot chocolate, and then Chelsea is my middle name), and over time it has had to adopt its own little tag line of ‘Cocoa – like the hot chocolate, not the Chanel’. I am just a hot chocolate junkie.

It has been going pretty well so far, and I am now lucky enough to be trying out this full-time blogger life. SUCH FUN. Is it scary leaving a paid, secure job? – oh hell yes – but it is the best thing I have ever done – mainly because I can decide what time to set my alarm in the morning – which is great for the WORST morning person on earth.

I am having the greatest time gaining more and more experience about blogging and the social media industry and I am so grateful for everyone that has been joining me on this journey. I have finally manned up totally and have stopped keeping my blog a secret from everyone, as I am now really proud of it.

Other than that – I am a pretty basic girl – born & bred in London, obsessed with New York, fantasise about Paris. My ideal style summed up = jeans, messy hair, oversized jumpers, striped tops, good nails and many shoes.

If you want to work with me then please send me an email or head over to my Contact Me page!

I absolute love hearing from everyone about everything, be it in the comments on my blog posts, on Instagram or Twitter or on email (cocoachelsesa@gmail.com). I read/reply and appreciate all the questions and kind words so thank you!

I am always hungry for good food, I stress over everything and over think everything, I spend too much time looking at where my next holiday will be and I have a love affair with clothes that will outlive any other. Also – if you every want to cheer me up – present me with a puppy, macaroni cheese or crumpets. A cup of tea would go down a treat too.