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Welcome to the boring but very necessary, important, grown-up, businessy page – lets talk about disclaimers.

I am beyond lucky to be working with brands and PR companies and look forward to working with many more, fingers crossed. But just so y’all know the deal – here is my disclaimer for collaborations.

If I am sent a product from a PR company (which I will absolutely only accept if I genuinely like and want to try/wear the item) – that product will always be marked with an asterisk (*) just so you know that it was sent to me.

((BUT if it is featured repetitively in more that one blog posts it is because it has been accepted into my wardrobe/beauty regime and I now see it as part of my life rather than a PR sample.))

I am a pretty opinionated person, and my main priority is being authentic, genuine & true to yoself, so I will always give my absolute honest opinion – otherwise what is the point – if you can’t trust what I am saying, I may as well pack up and leave.

It is rare that I will blog about something I do not like, unless I am having a little bitch-fest about something – it just won’t make it onto the blog – so everything you see on the blog is here because I like it/love it/can’t live without it – saving us both blog posts of me ranting about things that I think are a load of crap.

I do get very over excited about new products/clothes – so just bare with the *high pitched squeaky voiced* praise.

As I am lucky enough to be working as a full-time blogger, I will be partaking in sponsored posts from time to time. I will always say if a post has been sponsored. Always.

However, as above – I will never accept work that is not true to my opinions/taste/style etc. If I started saying that I absolutely loved taking diet pills, hated macaroni cheese and I am crazy about this new washing machine cleaner – I wouldn’t have a blog that I was proud of and that people trusted. So I am SO strict about what I allow onto the blog.

ALSO – all blog posts will be written by myself and no-one else. I like my writing style and it is the only writing style that I want on here.

I am super lucky to have worked with/be working with some FAB brands and if you would like to work with me then please shoot me an email to –

And now that is over – please go have a little explore and say hello!