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    Welcome to the boring but very necessary, important, grown-up, businessy page – lets talk about disclaimers.

    I am beyond lucky to be working with brands and PR companies and look forward to working with many more, fingers crossed. But just so y’all know the deal – here is my disclaimer for collaborations.

    Everything that is gifted to me very generously by PRs or Brands etc will be disclosed as gifted. If I am on a Press Trip – again this will be disclosed in the blog post!

    I use Affiliate links on my blog – through RewardStyle. This is at no cost to you at all, but if you like an item that I am discussing – by using the link to that product it could earn me a little bit of commission meaning I can keep working hard and providing content for you guys!

    All sponsored content will be disclosed at the top of the blog post.

    I am a very opinionated person – and my main priority on this blog is to get my opinions, voice, ideas and thoughts across to you. I would never work with a brand that I did not 100% genuinely believe in and use in daily life. If I do not have your trust then I do not have a job and I would never waste your time or indeed money recommending things that I don’t believe in.

    I will never accept work that is not true to my opinions/taste/style etc. If I started saying that I absolutely loved taking diet pills, hated macaroni cheese and I am crazy about buying tractor fuel – then you would know I wasn’t being authentic – I wouldn’t have a blog that I was proud of and that people trusted. So I am SO strict about what I allow onto the blog.

    ALSO – all blog posts will be written by myself and no-one else. I like my writing style and it is the only writing style that I want on here.

    And now that is over – please go have a little explore and say hello!