Bestival Photo Diary 2016

If you follow me on Snapchat (what are you doing if you don’t) then you will know that I recently went to Bestival!! I was SUPER kindly invited by STA Travel to head down to the festival for the weekend with my partner in crime – Miss Emily Valentine Parr aka (I am her #1 biggest fan – please go and check out all her channels (I will link below) – she is a babe).

I haven’t been to a festival for YEARS. Mainly because I think I am too old for wet wipe showers, portaloos and sleeping in a muddy puddle in a tent. BUT STA Travel had the set up from heaven. They had built their own mini hostel in the campsite – we had BEDS and DUVETS and… wait for it… HOT SHOWERS. I can’t even explain how amazing it feels to have an actual bedroom when you are at a festival. Oh my god – and we had a full sized mirror. It was literally 5* camping accommodation. 

We set off on Friday evening – grabbed some dinner at Waterloo station (and some cans of G&T), jumped on a train and a ferry and in a taxi and arrived at Bestival by about 9:30pm. 

We accidentally got taken to the wrong entrance – so the two blonde city girls had to spend 40 minute dragging their wheely (don’t judge us) suitcases through fields of mud, drunk people and live music before arriving at our home for the weekend. If one more person shouted “Its not Heathrow, love” at us…

After a quick change, and drinking some of Emily’s famous but lethal cocktail concoction, we headed out for our first night at Bestival. I didn’t take my camera with me that night which is such a shame as we had the best time but with little photographic evidence. Emily did vlog it though so never fear – you can see it all on her channel. We met lots of people, learnt how to exchange a packet of Oreo’s for a chicken wrap and spent at least 5 minutes wiping neon yellow paint of a group of beautiful men with wet wipes. We had fun. #sorrynotsorry

Emily, mid panic that she didn’t pack her SD cards. 

One of the only (&blurry) photos from the evening

Day Two

We woke up to rain. Torrential rain. BUT we were also told that STA were providing bacon or sausage rolls and coffee… so we accepted both of these items and stayed in our little warm beds, sipping coffee and gossiping about everything.

STA also had a glitter facepainting and henna station in their double decker bus, which was parked outside our hostel – so obviously we wanted to get in on that action. We slowly dragged ourselves out of our little den and into the freezing cold to be turned into glittering visions of ourselves.

The pure chaos of festival make up.

This photo pretty much sums up the day.

It pretty much rained for the whole of the Saturday. We ventured out for a hog roast roll (which was SO worth the walk) and then headed back to the STA bus for warmth and more coffee. I then got stuck into planning my next trip. I love STA Travel. It will always remind me of being 18, and going into the Covent Garden branch as a completely novice, clueless traveller and saying ‘I want to go travelling – help me’. And that is exactly what they did. 

Flights, accommodation, tours, everything! It was so easy and so helpful. They reassured my parents that I wasn’t going to get lost or stolen (hopefully) and that me and my best friend would make it to the other side of the world and back in one piece, with a good tan and a LOT of memories. 

If you guys are currently planning a gap year – go and talk to one of the STA reps near you – even just pop in and pick up a brochure to have a look at what sort of trips and tours they offer. They are SO helpful and PACKED with amazing ideas and recommendations. 

That highlight tho

Day Two Outfit :

Top : Urban Outfitters

Dungarees : Missguided on ASOS

Choker : Zara

An accurate image of the day.

As the evening started – the rain stopped. The hostel was flooded with people, the music was loud, the fairy lights were on – it was SO FUN. After a quick dance we headed into the main area of the festival. We met up with one of my old friends (Hi Phil) and his friends and had SUCH a good night.


The biggest bouncy castle – look at the people to castle size ratio

The only thing you want to see lit up at night.

So pretty

Pals <3

When we got back to the hostel – it took me about an hour to remove all the glitter from my face. I can’t even explain how difficult it was. It looked like glitter acne and I was pretty sure it was going to be there forever. After about an hour, I gave up, put on every layer I had bought with me and got into bed. It was absolutely FREEZING that night and even ended up using my STA towel as an added layer of warmth.

Day 3

Coffee and bacon sandwich to start the day. Then we stepped outside and IT WAS SUNNY. So after a warm shower and more glitter added to our faces, we were off exploring in the SUNSHINE.

Super quick room tour – look at my bed with its plug sockets!

A room is not a room without a cardboard deer’s head.

our babein’ hostel

sorry carpet

This Model’s Own palette in DREAMY. 

Can we just take a moment to discuss this food. It was one of the best things I have ever eaten in my entire life. Crab on chips. I can’t even explain how good it was or how many times I have craved it since I got home.

StyleLobster had Lobster. obvs. And they were mega stylish.

Day 3 Outfit:

Top : Zara

Shorts : Levis

Wellies : Dunlop

Sunglasses : ASOS

Belt : ASOS

After the best Sunday in the sunshine, we headed back to the hostel, packed up our things and set off for the ferry. I was actually really sad to be leaving. It was one of the best weekends that I had had in a long time, spent with a fab person. Plus I wanted at least 5 more portions of Crab on Chips. 

we do like each other – I promise..

Links to Em’s channels 

Blog | Youtube | Instagram

We may have missed the ferry by 2 minutes – but we grabbed a Costa and sat admiring the beautiful view. Overall we had a whale of a time.

HUGE shout out to Bestival and mainly to STATravel for having me. I had the BEST FESTIVAL ever. 


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