Five Things That Made Me Happy : DAY THIRTEEN

It officially happened – we missed out a day. Only thirteen days in and I am behind. BUT ITS OK. ITS FINE THOUGH. I have a good excuse. I was on a plane for 10 hours – missing pretty much the entire of Friday because I was en route TO JAMAICAAAAAAAAA. So by the time we landed, got checked into the hotel, had dinner etc etc etc, it was about 5am UK time. And I was so not able to sit down and write words that made sense for a blog post at that time. Apologies to Friday’s post – you were never written. But you were there in spirit.

We are currently (Alex & I) staying in a Sandals resort in Jamaica. I am so excited to be here as I have never been to Jamaica or Sandals resorts and heard amazing things about both!

I will give you a full blog post on my Jamaican trip asap so wont go into TOO much detail in these posts – but lets get back on track with my happy things –

5 Things That Made Me Happy Today:

1 . Well – I woke up in Jamaica – so that is always a good thing right? Plus waking up and looking out your window and seeing the sea – that is the best feeling ever. So let’s put that as number one.

2 . Actually – this one should be number one in terms of happiness and importance. My Grandma has a big operation today – but she is hunky dory and recovering well! SO that made me extremely happy!

3 . We did a day trip today, which involved driving around Jamaica in little Minis – and it was a great way of seeing the island for a less touristy point of view. We followed our guide in his mini and drove in convoy of 4 cars, driving through little fishing towns and all the way to the West End of Jamaica – which is the western most point of the island to a huge lighthouse. And got a cheesburger – in paradise.

4 . I beat Alex at cards this evening which always makes me happy when I beat him at something as he is so annoyingly good at everything. However, he then started to beat me and was crawling back up the score card (yes we write down scores on the notes of his phone because we are that sad and that competitive)… so I had a tantrum and quit whilst I was ahead to avoid defeat.

5 . I got to eat some amazing jerk chicken from a little hut on the side of the road, getting a proper  local dining experience – and it was some of the best chicken I have ever had. We also stopped off for a fresh coconut which was ahhhmazzzzing. Fresh coconut water is one of my happy things in life – and this was the freshest of the fresh. They also made us eat the coconut ‘jelly’ out the inside of the coconut – which apparently will make sure you have ‘lots of Jamaican babies’… so thats great.

And that was my 5 happy things of the day!

I really hope you are still enjoying reading these posts 🙂 As I am still loving writing them!

What made yo happy today?? xx