My one stop shop for Christmas this year

Guys – it is the 21st of Dec and I still have not finished all my Christmas shopping this year. Anyone else in the same boat? AHHHH.

BUT If you are really struggling for last minute gift ideas then never fear because help is at hand – I want to share with you a little Christmas shopping post featuring one of my favourite brands and where I have done 99% of my Christmas present buying this year and hopefully this will help you out.

So this post is for those of you who are stuck for ideas, running out of time and just want a quick and easy solution – a one stop shop for everything this year – mums, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends, brothers, boyfriends, dads, grandma… Anyone really.

I know it is last minute – super last minute – but its fine because until TODAY AT 3PM – you can still order in time for Christmas – or just pop into store anytime.

The shop in question is Monica Vinader. If you have been following me for a while you will know my obsession and true love with this brand. For anyone who doesn’t know – Monica Vinader is a stunning jewellery brand – my favourite jewellery at the moment.

But this year – my love and want for all their jewels seems to have also seeped onto the rest of my family’s Santa lists. Which is great for me as it made my Christmas shopping very easy.

Monica Vinader have the most gorgeous pieces, ranging from friendship bracelets to diamonds, (with a price point for different budgets), for men and for women – so theres a lot of choice. But that isn’t what makes them the best for Christmas presents in my opinion. I would say that it is their engraving service which makes these gifts so special and such a winner.

Sure – you can go in and buy a bangle and give that as a gift – it will be utterly amazing. Trust me.

But what would make it even more special – if that bangle has a little engraving on it with something unique, special and totally personal to your present receiver.

And this is exactly what I did with my gifts.

This means that I could have bought every single member of my family the same product, but engraved it with something special and unique to make their present completely different from the next persons. And I just love that idea.

So I popped into Monica Vinader last week to pick up some pieces – some gifts – some presents for myself as I have been very good this year… and wanted to show you a little bit about their engravings and what I bought:

The engravings are so so quick and easy – you literally just fill in what you want on an iPad and then it gets written/drawn/doodles onto your bracelet. Most are done with a machine but for super fiddly peaces they even have someone who hand engraves them. And the best part about it – it is completely and utterly free with your purchase.


I bought this Fiji friendship bracelet for my friend Millie – so it says ‘one in a Millieon’ on it, rather than million. I mainly did this to celebrate how special and unique she is in life, and to me. But also because she absolutely hates spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, always correcting me when I am texting her – so I know that whenever she looks at this she will want to autocorrect it. Which brings me great joy.

You can also engrave the toggle – and I also got my sisters bracelet engraved too (scroll down in the post to see what is on her bracelet). Her bracelet was a gift that I actually bought her last Christmas – but I stole it back to get it engraved this year with something she will hopefully love.


All this shopping for everyone, really made me want to treat myself – so welcome to the family gorgeous signature stackable rings. I love you.  

Oh ok and a new bracelet. TREAT YO SELF OK. I have wanted one of these for AGES.


So this is my sister’s old bracelet – its worn, obviously – but they still put this beautiful engraving on it. It has OHANA on the top – which is from the quote from Lilo and Stich (her favourite film) “Ohana means family, which means nobody gets left behind”.

And then on the inside I have all of our family’s initials and initials of all the pets too.

I hope this has given you some last minute inspo for those tricky people to buy for. Just remember – order by 3pm online today to get it for Christmas – otherwise just pop in store!!


This post was written in collaboration with Monica Vinader but all gifts and ideas are my own.