New Year, New Smile

This blog post is in collaboration with Rapid White

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog! anddd…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

rapid white boots new year new smile teeth whitening cocoa chelsea

If you guys have been following me over on social media etc you will have seen I have had a bit of a break, BUT, although a bit delayed, I am getting into the new year new me mentality! And what better place to start that on a positive note, and starting the new year talking about smiles!


I am so excited to be working with teeth whitening experts,  Rapid White to talk to you all about their at home teeth whitening kit and toothpaste and how to get yourself your best smile 🙂


Normally if I get any emails about teeth whitening – I am like no – veto – absolutely not. Because these are normally companies that don’t care about the health of your teeth (in my opinion). They just care about their social media following, unauthentic collabs with celebs and too many chemicals.


However, when I was contacted by Rapid White to work together I was really excited to try out their new products. It is a brand that I trust, as they are the experts in at home teeth whitening solutions and they are a brand that I have previously used (I used their Daily Whitening Toothpaste).


I’ve always said on my blog that the best things you can invest time and care into, when it comes to beauty, are your hair, skin, teeth and confidence.

It has always been so important to me to try and keep my teeth as good as possible as they are one of the first things people see when they talk to you.


When I was younger, I sucked my thumb, which landed me with 4 years of braces from the age of 10-14. I was constantly called Goofy or Gappy or metal mouth, and I would always cover my mouth when I laughed or smiled as I never wanted anyone looking at my teeth!

Then, when my braces were removed, my teeth still looked horrible. They were straight (woo), but they were yellowish and I hated them. I got them whitened when I was 18 – and finally fell in love with smiling again. But over the years, the whitening faded and I have been constantly on the hunt for an affordable, reliable, safe method to whiten my teeth again! So this collaboration is so exciting for me.


Rapid White have just launched two brand new charcoal products – their 1 week Tooth Whitening System with Charcoal and their Daily Whitening Toothpaste with Charcoal – so let me give you a bit more detail on both products to get everyone flashing their pearly whites, (all exclusive to Boots)!

rapid white boots new year new smile teeth whitening cocoa chelsea

1 ) Week Tooth Whitening System with Charcoal – now £8 at Boots, until the 12thof February (full price £12).

This kit is clinically proven to whiten teeth by up to 6 shades in just one week. It is a quick and easy one week kitthat can transform your teeth – for literally the tiniest fraction of the price of going and getting moulds etc done at a dentist.

One thing I love about this kit is that it is a non-peroxide formula, but also that it is inspired by dentist’s whitening treatments. You are provided with a mouth-tray application method that can be custom fitted to your mouth for maximum comfort and optimum whitening. Does anyone remember having to get mouth guard fitted for playing hockey at school?! It is just like that but so simple (all instructions are included) – takes about 2 mins! And voila – your own personalised perfect fit teeth whitening tray!


The actual whitening process takes between 5-10 mins and ideally you should do it in the morning and evening, (it is recommended to use it twice a day!) – so you will have to just set that morning alarm a little bit earlier! You apply the accelerator product directly to your teeth (having brushed your teeth thoroughly before) and then pop in the trays filled with the whitening gel immediately. Bite together and wait for 5-10mins.

When you remove the trays, brush your teeth with the mint flavoured charcoal toothpaste  (which is enamel friendly and helps to prevent stains from reoccurring and a mini version is included in the kit). Make sure to wash out the trays a few times to get rid of any left over gel! Do this 2x a day for 1 week and you will be dazzling and up to6 shades whiter!!

rapid white boots new year new smile teeth whitening cocoa chelsea

2) The other product they have launched is their Daily Whitening Toothpaste with Charcoal! Now just £6.67 at Boots until the 12thof February (full price £10)


Let me give you a little bit of information about why this Charcoal toothpaste is so good for our teeth:

It helps to remove the everyday stains caused by tea, coffee, smoking and red wine! AND it helps to prevent them from reoccurring!

It is perfect for everyday use and the formula is gently abrasive and doesn’t harm your tooth enamel.I know this all sounds like fact after fact but it is so important to be careful what you put on your teeth! Charcoal works as a gentle abrasive to effectively provide maximum whitening.

Thanks to the porous structure of the charcoal contained, the toothpaste can help to avoid staining molecules fix on the tooth surface.The charcoal used in the Rapid White products is activated charcoal which is from 100% natural sources – a coconut shell!

rapid white boots new year new smile teeth whitening cocoa chelsea

With this all being about a new year, new me, new smile vibe – I thought it would make you smile even more knowing that there is a promotional offer on all Rapid White products in-store and online currently at Boots – save 1/3 on Rapid White products from the 16th Jan  – 12th Feb.


Thank you guys for reading – and I really hope this helpful if you are thinking of getting those pearly whites even whiter!


Best luck for 2019 everyone! xx


This blog post was sponsored by Rapid White but all opinions are my own!