Breakfast in Paris – Macarons and Diamonds

Last week I was lucky enough to have a day in Paris, one of my favourite cities in the world. I think the best way to see Paris is by foot so we started the day by the Arc du Triomphe and ended up the other side of the map by Notre Dame Cathedral.
To add to my luck, Ladurée is about a 3 minute walk down the Champs Elysees from the Arc du Triomphe – so what better place to have breakfast. (Totally by coincidence – I did not plan the entire day around where Ladurée was, just so I could have macarons for breakfast. I promise..)

The travelling bumbag in all its glory.

Wearing my beyond beautiful jewellery by Diamonfire – read more about it below..

I know that the most beautiful macarons are the colourful pink & purple ones like the rose flavours etc – but my all time favourite flavours are the classic chocolate, salted caramel and coffee. So although to others they may appear brown and dull, to me they are the most beautiful.

And then breakfast arrived.

I ordered their special – ‘ Œuf mollet “bénédictine” à la façon Ladurée ‘ – which is eggs benedict, Ladurée style. You know it will be good when they put their name on it. Heavenly. It arrives as just the poached eggs in their little bread/toast basket and then they are instantly smothered in the most buttery, gorgeous, hollandaise sauce by the waiter.

My sister ordered the scrambled eggs with pastrami which was also divine. The scrambled egg was very buttery and salty but delicious – it was a huge portion and after a while it does get quite sickly, especially as it doesn’t come with any toast, which I think it needed. But I am now definitely going to start putting pastrami on my eggs.

Have a nice little close up of my gorgeous Diamonfire rose gold ring (*). I wear it everyday and no, it is not an engagement ring! It is also not a real diamond – but you literally can not tell the difference. (I am not a diamond expert, but I stare at them a LOT in shop windows).

I would never have known that this was not the real deal unless I was told. They are made out of a “Diamonfire-Zirconia stone and with 57 facets precisely hand-cut, just like a real brilliant-cut diamond, it barely differs from its natural equivalent”. I was very kindly sent this ring, and a few other pieces from Diamonfire – you will be seeing a lot of them as I wear at least one piece of their jewellery everyday!

This is an extra room at the back of Ladurée where you can get macarons and coffee – dreamy. 
Baby shower macarons!

I love the little boutique they have in the restaurant – it always has a long line of tourists queuing up to buy a world famous Ladurée macaron – or 20.

The prettiest and tastiest window displays..

Have any of you been to Ladurée ?

Lots of Love

Cocoa Chelsea x