Eating my way around the Venetian Part 1

I love good food. And The Venetian has 30 restaurants, all of which serve very good food. Whilst we were there, we mainly spent our time eating our way around the hotel. From amazing brunches & delicious lunches to midnight pizza slices, 2am Chinese, and Lobster Mac & Cheese. Maybe one too many of those.
They have incredibly famous celebrity chef restaurants – one of which I was very lucky to eat at (that bad boy will be reviewed in Part 2) and you will find out all about it.

Our first night out in Las Vegas, post gondola ride – pre Blackjack, was spent in Canaletto.

I picked this restaurant for a few reasons. Mainly, if you are in a hotel that is pretending to be Italy – you gotta eat some Italian. And boy, did we eat. Secondly – the setting. This restaurant is in the Piazza, which is pretending to be outside in Italy, but is actually inside in Nevada. Plus it is alongside the gondola ride so you can hear the opera singers whilst you are eating cured meat and pasta.

Apologies for the darkness of these photos – I hate flash and I think it looks so awful so I refuse to use it. It can make even the most beautiful food look like something you would serve in a dog bowl so I stick to a very strict no flash policy – but unfortunately the ‘outdoors evening’ lighting in the restaurant just didn’t agree with my Canon, so everything is slightly dark.

Prosciutto San Daniele and a lot of Grana Padano

Making Prosciutto lollypops – yes, I am 4 years old. 

Carpaccio Di Spada – Smoked swordfish carpaccio with sliced fresh artichokes.

Carpaccio. Is there a better starter full of flavour but thin enough not to fill you up? We ordered one beef and one swordfish carpaccio, to get a full appreciation for thinly sliced food. The beef was the most beautiful deep red colour. As a frequent carpaccio eater, darling, there is nothing worse than too many leaves to meat, but Canaletto nailed their leaves to meat ratio so we were off to a good start. Plus it came with grana padano and capers which are a must in my eyes (not literally, I do not put capers in my eyes – perhaps ‘in my opinion’ is a better word choice). The meat was so soft and slippery compared to the dryness of the cheese and the citrus flavour was divine. (Yes, I am making myself hungry writing this). The only issue was that there was a lot of oil on it – someone went over board on their drizzling, but other than that – fabulous.

The swordfish was amazing. I have never had swordfish carpaccio before but it was just delicious. A really rich smoky flavour but again with a bit too much oil. I preferred the beef but the artichoke swordfish combination was divine.

Carpaccio con ruchetta – Thinly sliced raw beef, wild arugula, capers, Grana Padano and lemon olive oil dressing

What? You don’t all have opera singers serenading your starter course? Well, we did. And I genuinely got goosebumps.

Now for the main courses and for some Pasta Porn/Prawn. Linguine, complete with the basically the entire content of the ocean. Hello, please get in my face. 

Linguine all Buranella – Thin flat pasta with mussels, prawns, scallops and clams
Cannelloni Di Pollo – Large pasta tubes filled with free-range rotisserie chicken, organic spinach, sundried tomatoes and smoked mozzarella, baked in b├ęchamel topped with tomato sauce and mushrooms.

When I am testing out a new restaurant I always try and do all three courses, you know, for research purposes. But I was just beyond full after the pasta (and having two starter courses) that I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the dessert menu.  I regret this, but at the time, it was the sane thing to do.

Ice cream in the Piazza anyone?

And just to round off the perfect meal – a nice bit of entertainment. 

Thank you The Venetian and Canaletto for inviting me to try this AMAZING restaurant. If you could deliver it regularly to my house in London that would be great.

Hope you enjoyed this post – I am very sorry if you are now as hungry as I am. I think I am going to go and make myself some pasta. I feel that I need it. I feel you should do this too.

Cocoa Chelsea xx