Eating my way around The Venetian – Part 2

As I said in my last post – I spent a lot of my time in Las Vegas testing out different restaurants in The Venetian.

And I am pleased to share with you the absolutely amazing Bouchon (my favourite meal of the trip).

Bouchon is is the vision of world-renowned chef Thomas Keller, who was named “America’s Best Chef” by Time magazine. He is also the sole recipient of consecutive “Best Chef” awards from the prestigious James Beard Foundation. So we knew that we were in for a treat when we were invited to dine here one evening.

Bouchon serves French food. This was enough to get me over excited as I love me some French cuisine.

I would probably have to put it as my favourite type of food at the moment, very VERY closely followed by Italian. I just love the steaks & frites/mussels/steak tartare/fresh baguettes with a lot of butter/cheese/beef bourguignon/french wine vibe. I could go on and on but I feel that I am just day dreaming/ drooling.

But before we get onto Bouchon, I have a quick outfit post to slot in.

As we had been travelling around America for 6 weeks by this point, I hadn’t packed an outfit suitable for a night on the town. So I panicked and went shopping up and down the strip, desperately trying to find something fun and different to wear that evening. However, I am a major stresser when it comes to ‘going shopping for something I need’.

I am great at shopping for fun, when I can just pick things just because its pretty. But when I am shopping for something that I need and it has to be found in the next hour – that is when I panic and usually give up and go home. (Trying to find a dress for my graduation – worst shopping experience of my life – I think I cried. Twice).

So after I had tried on about 20 dresses in about 18 different shops, I gave up as either I didn’t like the dress or they were too expensive. I had a little “I have nothing to wear tonight, we can’t go out” tantrum and we headed back to the hotel.

But instead of staying in all night in my fluffy Venetian dressing gown, (which would have been a great way to spend any other night), I rooted around in my suitcase and found my black cotton swing dress from Abercrombie&Fitch. I use it for really casual day wear/beach trips but I thought why not try it with my new heels (Hi babies) and see if we can make something out of it.

And hey presto – we had an evening outfit made of a day dress turned night out Little Black Dress with my mega cool Steve Maddens.

Ok – yes – they hurt me a lot. 

Now for the food part of the evening…

We arrived a few minutes early and so we got a drink at the bar..

Hello to me in the mirror.

We asked to sit outside and we got best seat in the house next to this gorgeous fountain.

The menu’s were printed on this folded up piece of brown paper which I loved!

Honestly the best bread in the world.

To start – we ordered three starters to share. The best way.

When you are in a French restaurant it would be rude not to try the snails.. especially when they are drenched in garlic butter and pastry. I am not a mega snails fan – actually I only like them when they are covered in over powering sauce or deep fried – but these were delicious.

Escargots à la Bourguignonne -Burgundy snails, parsley-garlic butter & Bouchon Bakery puff pastry

Tartare de Saumon -salmon tartare, hard boiled eggs, red onions, capers & crème fraîche served with toasted croûtons

 This salmon tartare was so light and fluffy. I much prefer steak or tuna tartare to salmon – but this was amazing. The egg, capers and onions around the outside definitely made it.

Onto the mains. 1x mussels, 1x steak – and a lot of chips.

Moules au Safran – Maine bouchot mussels steamed with white wine, Dijon mustard & saffron, served with French fries

 I wasn’t crazy about the saffron flavour in the sauce. I love a really good creamy white wine garlic sauce, and I know that I am a creature of habit, but it just didn’t really do it for me. Saying that – it was still delicious and I still poured my chips into the sauce at the end to soak it all up – I just wouldn’t add saffron to my mussels at home. The chips and the actual mussels were divine. And I loved how big the mussels were – none of those tiny clam sized mussel.

Ok so I have a confession – I can’t remember which steak we ordered. So please excuse me if I have made a mis-steak. 

I am pretty sure that this is the Steak Bouchon a grilled 9oz. eye of the rib & sauce béarnaise but it could also be the Steak Frites which is a pan-seared 9 oz. flat iron, caramelized shallots & maître d’hôtel butter, served with french fries. Either way – this one was insanely good, and I am sure the other one is just as amazing. 

Steak Bouchon – grilled 9oz. eye of the rib & sauce béarnaise, served with French fries

Now let me not desert this post without a photo of some dessert.  And yes, this is profiteroles stuffed with vanilla ice cream drenched in hot chocolate sauce.

I took a video of the sauce being poured all over it – if you are looking for some food porn – the video is here on my Instagram

Not a bad view..

The food was just so amazing and we actually rolled ourselves out of the restaurant. Incredible service as well which always makes such a difference. I would very happily have eaten here every single night we were in Las Vegas. 

My meal here was complimentary but every opinion in this review is my own – Thank you very much to everyone at Bouchon and especially Thomas Keller for making such ridiculously delicious food. 

So that is all for this post – let me know what you think – I love hearing form you all.

Cocoa Chelsea x