Bloody Mary Brunch with Ketel One Vodka

I love a good Bloody Mary. I always order them as my cocktail of choice (that is even in my About Me post). Even when everyone else is ordering pretty Cosmopolitans and Martinis, I am there with my pint of spicy, vodka-ed tomato juice.
However, the best time to have a Bloody Mary is with a good ol’ brunch. They wake you up with a kick and they complement almost every single breakfast food – maybe not cereal actually – that wouldn’t be so great.

Recently, I was contacted by Ketel One Vodka and asked if I was interested in trying their Bloody Mary recipes as part of their Ketel One Brunch campaign. Who would ever say no to that? So I invited some of my girls over for a mini Sunday brunch party.

We cooked ourselves a feast and whipped up a very large batch of Ketel One Bloody Mary to sip on whilst discussing the gossip and dramas of our weeks.

Kettle One’s World Class Brunch website is honestly amazing. They have this super cool interactive brunch table where you can click on food from all over the world and it takes you to that brunch recipe, with the matching Bloody Mary recipe – have a look at the brunch table here. Such amazing inspiration! Seriously go and have a look at their cocktail recipes – some of them are very unique, such as the Australian Mary – which has vodka, tomato juice, salt and pepper, hot sauce, lemon juice but then they have added pale ale and balsamic vinegar!

They have gorgeous recipes on the website, but when it came to planning what to cook for my brunch, I decided to stick with my all time favourite brunch foods, to accompany my all time favourite cocktail.

First we made the Bloody Mary – because we have our priorities right.

I wanted to stick as close to the Classic recipe but I also added a my own little personal twist to it.

One of the things I like about Bloody Marys is that everywhere you go they all taste slightly different.  Not like a normal cocktail where is it a shot of this, mixed with a bit of that – there are so many different ways to make a Mary. Everyone has different preferences – do you like it spicy, do you want horseradish in there? How many olives do you want? How about some prawns on top?

I love having chopped up tomatoes in the Bloody Mary mix – I always add these to the vodka first and let them soak for a bit. Then it is onto the freshly pressed tomato juice, lemon juice, and spices (Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, salt and pepper and hot sauce). Heaven.

So then for the brunch. I went for poached eggs, smoked salmon & hollandaise sauce – also known as Eggs Royal – with asparagus, a side of mozzarella & tomato salad, avocado with balsamic glaze and parma ham. A feast.

I had the best time preparing my Ketel One World Class Brunch – and I have to say the Bloody Marys were amazing. We did make them quite strong (by accident/ish) however, because the vodka is amazing quality – not the cheap horrible stuff – they still tasted amazing and went down like a treat – without that ‘I can taste so much alcohol’ shiver. 

Just incase I wasn’t already sold on the Ketel One Bloody Mary’s – I headed down to The Folly Bar in Bank to sample one of their Classic Ketel One Bloody Marys in a restaurant. 

The Folly is such a cute place – it is huge but still feels warm and comfy – plus the food is divine and great value.

I took my boyfriend with me for this taste test. He hates Bloody Marys. He doesn’t understand them and thinks it tastes like a disgusting cold soup. 

BUT he ordered one, tasted it, said it was ‘alright’ – and he then ended up drinking the whole thing. I was kind of disappointed because I really thought I would get to have both of them..but really pleased that he liked it. If this isn’t proof that Ketel One Bloody Marys are delicious then I don’t know what is.

A big thank you to everyone at Ketel One for including me in your campaign. I had so much fun and even found a way to get my boyfriend to drink a Bloody Mary with me!

What is your favourite brunch food? And the big question – how do you make your Bloody Marys?

Jessica x