My Current Favourite Jackets

Now – I am not wishing summer away at all – but if there is one thing that I am looking forward to, it is the return of the Autumn wardrobe. Autumn is my favourite season for clothes – the burgundy colours creep back, the knitwear is fished back out of drawers, and the jackets are an outfit must have. My favourite time is when it is jacket weather, but not full on coat ‘i-am-freezing-can’t-feel-my-fingers’ weather. 

Because British weather isn’t always sunshine and heatwaves, I am already back in a jacket most days, and here are my favourite jackets that I am loving right now.

1) Pink Faux Leather Jacket from Zara

This was love at first sight. It is pink. It is magical. AND it is under £40. I didn’t even try it on when I saw it. Walked into Zara, picked it up, squealed with joy and marched over to the cash-desk. When I got it home, I did worry that it was horrendously tacky. But I committed to it, took the label and have worn it as often as possible since #NoRegrets.

2) Two-in-One Reversible Sateen Bomber Jacket from Topshop

I bought this jacket from Topshop a few months ago – just before I went away to travel around Italy. I only got to wear it once before I had to leave it behind in London for 1 month but I actually missed it when I was away and was so excited to wear it when I was home.

It is quite expensive for a jacket, coming in at a cool £85 … BUT it is reversible… SO it is basically two jackets for the price of one. So in that sense – it is totally reasonable.
I don’t know if I prefer the black side or the blue side… what are your thoughts?

3) Black Faux Leather Jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch

The black leather jacket is a wardrobe staple. This one is super lightweight and was pretty cheap for Abercrombie. I really like Abercrombie & Fitch for certain items – sometimes I go in and there is nothing I want and other times I go in and want absolutely everything. So don’t judge it by its reputation from 7 years ago… it is pretty good again now!

4) Denim Vintage Levis Jacket from Rokit London

I picked up this baby about 10 years ago from Rokit in Covent Garden. I absolutely love vintage denim jackets, especially oversized mens ones and am always shuffling through the racks of Urban Outfitters Renewal and Rokit and Beyond Retro for ‘new’ ones. Especially because the hugely-oversized denim jacket has hurtled back into fashion nowadays. 

What are your favourite jackets of the summer?