My Favourite Summer Glow Products

Summer Glow make up is one of my most favourite types of make up. When you have a bit of colour on your face, so you can over do the bronzer and get away with it as ‘that summer skin’. I love that fresh, dewy, slightly sweaty shimmery look. This summer I have totally fallen in love with highlighting (and yes – I did get a bit carried away at the beginning of the summer months – I ended up looking like Rihanna in her ‘SOS’ music video – you know the one? Google it – you will see).

So here are my favourite products that I have been using this summer, for a healthy, natural,  end-of-summer glow face:

1) bareMinerals READY Color Boost Blush – The Stolen Heart – £24

I am just going to let you all know now – there are a LOT of bareMinerals products in this list. And no, I have not been sponsored to put them there at all – I have just been massively crushing on all things bareMinerals this summer.
I’ve actually always been a BIG bareMinerals fan – as you will know if you have been reading the blog for a while – and this blusher is literally my favourite blush of the summer. It gives you the most perfect glow as it has that shimmer in it (which I also have been using as a highlighter & on my brow bone). WARNING – this little guy is a Limited Edition so make sure you grab it before it goes / stock up on about 100 so you never run out.

2) bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick – Chase Your Dreams £14 

Another Limited Edition bareMinerals goodie. I absolutely love this colour, and love the super creamy, super pigmented formula of this lipstick. It is also very hydrating – there is nothing I hate more than a drying, cracking, goes-on-like-concrete lipstick. It doesn’t last for hours, but when the packaging looks this pretty – I don’t mind carrying it around in my handbag for regular top ups.
Also – the name is so motivational and Instagrammable – “Chase Your Dreams”. You should never disobey your lipstick’s motivational advice.

3) bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 4.0 – The Instant Attraction – £29

Shock, another bareMinerals product. Again – from the Limited Edition ‘Lovescape Collection’ (which I fell in love with – can’t you tell?). I have used this on my eyes pretty much every day this summer because 1) the colours are AMAZING and 2) there is so much shimmer and sparkle in them that they are perfect for a summer-glowy-eye look. The palette may look really glittery – but they really aren’t, it is such a perfect, subtle shimmer. The brown shade, ‘Meant To Be’, is perfect for defining the crease and also for using instead of an eyeliner. Fav shade of the bunch is ‘Anticipation’ – spread that baby all over my lids.

4) bareMinerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener in Luminous 1 – £22

Apologies for the bareMinerals overload / not sorry because you will love it all. This is an old favourite – I have been using it for months. I use it on my brow bone and in the corner of my eye for some brightening, especially when I am looking tired. I mainly use it when I am doing my eyebrows quickly and can’t be bothered to neatly use concealer under them for shape. This works just as well and goes nicely under eyeshadows and highlight. (For super quick, low maintenance eyebrows, I am using the Eye Brightener and the Benefit Gimme Brow)

5) bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream – £27

This super light coverage is perfect for summer – it is so hydrating (as it says on the tin) and gives off such a glowy look. It is my go to tinted moisturiser. I normally wear shade 2 (can’t remember the colour – maybe ‘vanilla’). When I am super pale I go down to a shade 1.5 (yes they have ‘half sizes’ now) – but for summer I like to wear shade 5 ‘natural’ – just for an added bit of colour. Perfect with a tan. PLUS it has SPF 30 which is fab for summer / all year #safetyfirst

6) M.A.C Mineralize Glass Lipgloss – Telegenius – £20

YEY a different brand. So obsessed with these Mineral Lipglosses from M.A.C. Sheer coverage – not toooo sticky as lip glosses go but such a delicious, juicy glow. So.In.Love. 

Also really loving the M.A.C. LipGlass / DEJ LOAF. Again, it gives a gorgeous sheen and glassy glossy look in such a gorgeous camel colour. Not really the most beautiful sounding colour for lipgloss… no one wants camel lips – but these are always better than camel toes.

7) Topshop Glow Highlighter Pot in Gleam – £9

Can you do a ‘Summer Glow’ post without including one of Topshop’s Glow Highlighters? I don’t think so because these are allllll about that glow. I use this little magic pot as a highlighter but also as an ‘eyebrow lift’ highlight and in the corners of my eyes – and sometimes – when I am feeling CRAZY, I use it as an actual eyeshadow. I know, I am wild. I have this colour (Gleam) and also the Polish colour. I like this darker shade for a more natural, pinker, warmer glow for the warmer (ish) summer months.

8) The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter – £16

On the same subject of highlight – this is my favourite powder highlighter at the moment. I love it. I sometimes can go a bit OTT with it (but can you really go too over the top with highlight?) but it is easy to blend in when that happens… I love to layer this with the Glow Pot too. It is fab as an eyeshadow as well but I love it on the cheeks and cupids bow etc. Also – packaging goals.

9) Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer -£25

Not sure how we got to number 9 on the list without mentioning a bronzer but maybe we were just saving the best till’ last further down the list. This bronzer is ideal for building up a strong glow. As it is a mix of the natural bronze and the pinky bronze colour there is no orangey vibes, so it is amazing for a ‘natural’ face tan. I wouldn’t use this as a contouring bronzer as the shade isn’t right for me – but it is perfect for just an all over bronze.

10) Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow – Light to Medium – £49

Coming in at one of the most expensive products on the list – but without a doubt, something I can’t live without. This is one of my all time favourite powder contour kits. The ‘bronze’ is the most perfect sculpting/shadow colour and the highlight is beautiful to add that pop. I have been using this since Christmas (it was a Christmas present *woo*) and you can still see the ‘sculpt’ and ‘highlight’ embossed into the powder – it literally does not run out. Also – again with the packaging – but rose gold everything is life. 

 11) Fake Bake Flawless Coconut Face & Body Tanning Serum – £29.95

We are now onto the fake tans, for when you need a LOT of help achieving the summer glow. This one from Fake Bake is a dream. I trust anything with a gold lid. I am not a big fake tanner, I massively suffer from the fear of smelling of that give-away-biscuit-scent and looking streakier than Canadian bacon… but this one was delicious. It comes with gloves and I am addicted. AND it is non greasy and non streaky. Win win.

12) Leighton Denny FACE Anti-Ageing Gradual Tan 50ml – £27.50

Putting fake tan on my face is something completely terrifying and alien to me. But I have been really pleasantly surprised with this face tan from Leighton Denny. Plus it is packed full of ingredients to give you a ‘youthful glow’ to restore, replenish and revive you. Although I kept forgetting to top it up – I absolutely love using this to keep me looking healthy and sun kissed.

12) Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Shimmering Dry Body Oil £9.99

Khloe Kardashian uses it and Joyce Bonelli swears by it. Enough said. 

Though if I went into a slightly longer explanation… I absolutely love it. Instant tan – shimmer effect – I can’t praise it more if I tried. Oh yes I can – I love the smell. 

This is how amazing it is – I applied it and 5 mins later I was brown and shimmering AND I sat on a white bed in a white dressing-gown straight away – literally straight away – and nothing transferred onto the sheets. (Thank god). 

13) Make Up Revolutions Ultra Metals Revolution Brushes – £34.50

When applying summer glow make up – make sure you always have nice pretty rose-gold make up brushes to get into the spirit of things. Can we just all take a moment to marvel at their prettiness. 

What are your favourite ‘Summer Glow’ products? 

Thanks for reading & have a lovely rest of your day 🙂