What’s in my gym bag?

Because I now go to the gym on a slightly semi-regular basis, I feel it is acceptable to write about what I actually take with me when I do go. If I had written this blog post a few months ago, I would have had to admit that my gym bag was used to store make-up that didn’t fit in my make up drawer…

But now – I use it for what is was designed for – going to the gym and being ‘sporty’. Before we get on to discuss where my actual gym bag is from (you can scroll down to the bottom for that info), let us talk about its contents – in order of importance.

1) bkr water bottle 

This one is common sense – don’t go to the gym without water. Water is needed unless I am planning on fainting within 10 mins. BUT what I carry my H20 in is the best bit. It is my water bottle from bkr. It is made of glass (but in a pretty silicone jacket so it doesn’t smash to smithereens when you drop it on a treadmill – it happens, ok?), it is fabulous, it is beautiful, it is so chic, it makes me want to drink water. They come in the most gorgeous pastel colours and in different sizes so they are perfect for all needs. I love that they actually look like an accessory (in my opinion) and not just a necessity. Jessica Alba has one – as does Giselle. And Blake Lively. Therefore owning one of these makes me feel like I could be a beautiful LA lady also. 

Go have a little scroll on their website for their beauty. They also have initials on some of them – anything remotely personalised and I am sold. 

2) Ubanista headphones

Something that I NEED if I am to go for longer than 30 seconds on a cross trainer/ any cardio equipment = headphones. Somehow I want to run more when Beyonce is asking me ‘Who runs the world?’. These gorgeous rose gold babies are from Urbanista. They are fab as they pretty much block out all background noise, they are loud, they have non tangly wires and they are pretttty.

3) Invisibobble hair ties 

Another necessity. Even though my hair is short – it needs to be firmly tied up and off my neck because otherwise I feel SO much hotter and grosser and sweatier. Big fan of the Invisibobble hairbands – no kinks, looks super cute on my wrist (I know I am lame) and in my hair, and also you don’t spend 15mins untangling your hair from them when you are finished. LOVE these. 

4) Eyeko Waterproof Make Up

Now – don’t judge me on this. SOMETIMES I wear make up to the gym. We aren’t talking a full face – but there are days when I wake up, feel utterly hideous and just want to wear some mascara to the gym. Other days / most days, I literally couldn’t be less bothered about looking like a super gross sweaty mess, but sometimes you just need that little pick-me-up to feel slightly better about yourself – and to be more prepared incase you run into someone you know. However – sweating in mascara can result in serious panda eyes – which nobody wants to see. So I have been wearing the Eyeko Sport waterproof mascara – and sometimes their sport eyeliner. It does not budge. I can be dripping with sweat, and it doesn’t come off. I can forget its there and rub my eyes – still doesn’t move. I love it. I am also SO obsessed with their Me & My Shadow waterproof eyeshadow liners. I wear these everyday because its like applying eyeshadow but it lasts all day, its amazing to smudge into your lash line. I love the texture, colours and durability of this product. 5 stars. 

5) B.Pure Micellar make up remover wipes

Now we get onto the ‘post excersize’ essentials. Normally after the gym, I head straight home and shower (it is literally round the corner from me). But other times I either want to stay out and work in a cafe, or I head straight off to a meeting etc. So therefore – I bring a mini shower kit. 

I am obsessed with B. Pure micellar cleansing wipes. I have actually be using these to remove my make up at the end of the day as well as just a quick fix after the gym. They remove everything – fab for taking off all make-up before jumping in the shower post work out. ALSO they are £1. ONE POUND from Superdrug.

Sports Bra – Sweaty Betty

6) Origins body scrubs

It is so important to shower after you exercise – to remove all that sweaty crap from your skin. I love using body scrubs to make me as clean and fresh as possible and I have a clear favourite. If you follow me on snapchat – you will know how obsessed I am with the Warm Down Scrub by Origins.  It is life. It warms up when it is mixed with water so it is perfect for sore muscles and excites me every time. Also, if we put the fun lava detoxing technology to one side, it is a fab scrub with really good size exfoliating bits (I am so sorry but I have no idea what the correct terminology for them is). You literally feel as soft as a baby after using it – and it smell delicious – obvious, because its Origins. The other product I have is their HIT refresh moisturiser. I bought this as I was so obsessed with the Warm Down Scrub so I love using them together. 

7) FemFresh

Female personal hygiene is a rather unspoken about subject – but buying a product to use down there should be no less spoken about that a product you use on your face. But – without going into graphic detail about using products specially designed for lady parts – this is my favourite shower gel because it is so gentle down there. They have different flavours – totally the wrong word but you know what I mean – and I highly recommend them. I pretty much forced my boyfriend to keep one in his flat for when I stay over because I never want to use anything else. He used to be scared of using it – just incase it made him magically grow a vagina overnight. It is literally just a ph balanced soap designed especially for that region but apparently the word ‘fem’ is scary to him. 

8) TangleTeezer hairbrush

If I wash my hair – I need one of these. I have been using tangle teezers for years to control the knots. I love this travel on-the-go one designed by Lulu Guinness. Pretty and practical. Nothing better. 

9) Apatchy gym bag

SO – now onto the bag. HOW CUTE IS IT. IT HAS MY INITIALS ON IT. I was very kindly gifted this bag from Apatchy. Firstly – as a gym bag, it is amazing. Really well made, waterproof, good zips, pockets, shoulder strap, not too big. It is fab. 

But the best bit for me – is their clever design of sticking different ‘patches’ onto the bag using velcro. They have so many different patches on their website to totally personalise your bag – you can get initials, patches of the sport you do (they literally have every sport) or just pretty shapes. 

I went for my initials and a star on my gym bag – but I also have a make up bag and a wash bag which I swap things over all the time on. The best thing about them being velcro – is you can change what is on your bag at any time. And no – the velcro doesn’t fall off. They stay on until you take them off. I love it. 

Shop their products here

Let me know what your gym bag essentials are!