Christmas Tartan and Dreamy Black Boots

(Starting with a side point) Christmas is in 3 DAYS PEOPLE. I can’t even explain how panicked I am. I haven’t done my Christmas shopping, I have so many different blog posts that I want to upload before Christmas day (so that I can just sit in my dressing gown and slippers for a week between Christmas and New Year without feeling too guilty). 

BUT anyway – on the subject of Christmas, here is my new favourite Christmas-winter-festive-tartan-hohoho-santababy skirt from Jack Wills. I bought it a while ago – I think the first week of November (so actually not that long ago) but it has been my go-to family Christmas event/ drinks party skirt ever since. I love tartan (must be my 1/8th roots coming flooding out of me) and this skirt is just so gorgeous. This one is gorgeous material, feels very luxurious and well made. PLUS I don’t remember the last time I wore a mini skirt. Jack Wills actually have a LOT of great skirts on their website (I have linked some options at the bottom of the post). 

I feel like this whole outfit is very Clueless. But not in LA. A winter Clueless. Christmas Cher. 

I am also wearing a Jack Wills jumper which I loveeeeee – such a good, plain, black, warm, jumper that I know I will be keeping for a good few years. 

I teamed up this outfit with my very new, very beautiful, very gorgeous Ted & Muffy Empress boots. I actually have a pair of Ted & Muffy boots from last year but I got gifted these beauties for this year and OH MY HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM. The main difference in these from my other pair, is these go OTK rather than just below the knee. I think that looks so FAB with skirts and jeans and basically everything. Apart from pyjamas. Doesn’t look good with those. When they first arrived I walked around my house in my Winnie the Pooh pyjamas and my new boots. #ootd

Links to everything I am wearing is right down at the bottom – so go on – have a little scroll…

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Jacket – Nine By Savannah Miller (Debenhams)

Jumper – Jack Wills

Skirt – Jack Wills (in red) or ( in green)

Boots – Ted & Muffy

Bag – Zara

Had some issues with the Jack Wills items just showing up as teddy bears for some reason!

Oh and if I don’t get a chance to say it later on – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


Shot by: Zoe