TooFaced Christmas Palettes of Happiness

I know that it is a bit excessive to do a whole blog post on just one eyeshadow palette box – but technically there are 3 separate palettes in the set so that makes it slightly better. AND ALSO – I love this ‘Christmas in New York’ Grand Hotel Cafe set so much that it is totally legit to do a blog post on it. 

I bought this set in October (and I going to be super honest so please do judge me) and I bought it  purely because I thought that it would make a cute pre-christmas instagram photo. I know. Shocking. What even is my life. 

BUT it turns out it has become the love of my Christmas-life. I am so obsessed with the colours in each of the different palettes ‘Gingerbread Cookie’, ‘Eggnog Latte’ and ‘Peppermint Mocha’ – PLUS (and I don’t know how TooFaced does this) THE PALETTES SMELL LIKE WHAT THEY SAY ON THE TIN. So my make up smells like gingerbread and it is amazing. 

I actually think that TooFaced is my favourite make-up brand at the moment. Their eyeshadow colours are so pigmented and so amazing and so gorgeous and the packaging is so perfect that I am a true fangirl. 

Other TooFaced products that I am in love with:

Better Than Sex mascara (honestly the best mascara in the world)

Chocolate Bar Palette

Cocoa Contour

Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Melted matte lip gloss