Making memories with Virgin Experience Days

This post contains 3 of my favourite things – Sundays, Afternoon tea and a new camera.

I was so kindly invited to experience a Virgin Experience Day experience (how many more times can we fit experience in a sentence), and what an incredible experience it was!

We headed to Fortnum & Mason’s Jubilee Afternoon Tea Salon for a Sunday treat of a classic British tea time with champagne. It was so so so SO amazing. They even have a tea sommelier to help you select one of their many, many teas. I went for the classic Royal Blend tea and Alex went for a Darjeeling Broken Orange Pekoe tea… sure.

The best thing about this afternoon tea is that it is unlimited refills. We both tried two different types of tea and then went back for a third cup of our favourites. We got through 3 plates of sandwiches and two plates of scones and oh my GOD it was good.

Sandwich wise we had smoked salmon, cucumber & cream cheese, coronation chicken, ham & mustard and an egg mayo. So classic, so dreamy, so perfect.

I can’t explain how much of a lovely experience this tea room is – there is a pianist playing beautiful classical music – mixed in with him playing some Disney songs (my idea of heaven). The waiters are so friendly and the ambience, decor and atmosphere is exactly what you expect from the 4th floor of the world famous Fortnums.

The only slight issue I had was the lighting wasn’t ideal for images. Especially when it is torrentially raining and dark outside, and you are sitting inside with all the fabulous mood lighting – my camera really struggled. So I am so sorry for the quality of the images BUT hopefully the pretty pictures of cakes makes up for it!

And now onto the camera side of things. As well as inviting Alex & I out for tea, Virgin Experience Days gifted me a new Instax camera to capture our memories of our date – and that is exactly what we did.

I have wanted an Instax for AGES and I am so obsessed with it. Once you get over the fact that you are using a flash on a camera in a busy restaurant – it is actually the most fun I have had taking photo in a long time.

Also how cute is the actual camera – so photogenic in itself. Take me back.

“Jessica, just pose for one more photo and then you can eat”

“Noooooo, I want the sandwich now”


Now – look how cool this is – instant photos. I know it is so 90’s but I am SO happy that it is back now with the Instax. As I said above – it made me so happy taking these photos and having them physically in my hand straight away. I never print off my photos anymore. Everything is digital, everything is saved in a cloud. Nothing is in photo albums or in photo frames and I am so excited to have the photos that we took this day, stuck on my wall next to my bed!

We are not a couple that selfie – so this is a rare photo of it. ALSO the best thing about Instax is that is one photo – not take 100 and then pick your favourite. This is a one shot wonder and I love it.

Literally incapable of stopping trying to eat whilst Alex is patiently taking all my photos.

So thank you so much Virgin Experience Days for this amazing date. I can’t think of a better date for Valentines day that a champagne afternoon tea! But saying this – I am actually stalking the VED website and looking at their  Valentines Day experiences and they have SO many amazing things – champagne cinema dates, trips up the Shard, 3 course meals at top restaurants, romantic getaways … I want to book everything – go have a scroll at their Valentines Day experiences – such good value and SO many choices.

Personally – I have my eye on this one

What is everyones ideal Sunday afternoon? Anyone have any V-Day plans this year?

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