My current holiday make up bag

Holiday make up for me is normally pretty much non exsistent. If I have been in the sun all day, with a nice mixture of suncream, sand and dried sea water all congealed on my skin – then normally the last thing I want to do after my shower is apply a face of make up.

However – there are some evenings when I do want to make myself feel a little more dolled up, or days off exploring new cities where I would like to look more human – and so these are the products I am using for a very natural, light, spring/summer make up look for both holiday make up and London sunny days.

As well as looking natural – I love looking as glazed as possible – all the highlight and glowyness is very important.

1) Clarins Limited Edition Summer Bronzing & Blush Compact



I absolutely love this bronzer / brush compact. It is perfect for adding some extra warmth and colour to your face – to cheat a holiday glow if you are not as tanned as you had planned to be after a week of sunbathing. This is perfect for me, as I hate tanning my face – I sit under a hat with factor 50 on my face, keeping it as far out of the sun as possible whilst I toast the rest of my body.

I normally don’t like bronzer-blush combos because I always feel like it comes out too orangey-pink and looks too warm for my skin (I like a cooler bronze tone) but this one is very subtle and lovely.


2) Clarins Limited Edition 4-Colour Eye Palette

Orange is the new brown. I am loving wearing this orange tone on my lidz right now. And as I have greeny eyes, it really makes them stand out, which is the dream. I use the brown tone for my crease and then orange on the lid and the creamy colour in the corners – and it is the most perfect subtle summer make up with a tropical kick. This colour palette is also completely and utterly perfect with a tan. AND it complements the bronzer so its a win win combo.

3) Mary-Lou Manizer

Yes this is in another one of my blog posts. Yes I am featuring it again. And Again.

But it is my favourite ever highlighter / favourite product in my make up bag. I take it with me everywhere. Plus holidays and summer in general are the perfect time to overdo the highlight and glimmer like the sun on the sea.


4) Clarins Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil 

I give up on eyeliner in the summer because I want to look as natural and mermaidy (I wish) as possible. But this eye liner pencil ( I have it in gold and copper) is absolutely perfect for bringing a bit of oomph and shimmer to your eyes. I apply  it along my bottom lashes for a bit more eyeball definition, and then smudge it along my top lash line for a bit more colour and sparkle.

4) L’Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer

I picked this concealer up in Boots the other day just to see what it is like as I had seen a few people talking about it. I absolutely loved it and it now resides in my holiday make up bag and everyday make up bag. It has all the YSL vibes but with a high street price tag. As it says on the tin / packaging, it is a LUMI so it does illuminate rather than just conceal – so I wouldn’t recommend it for covering imperfections – but as an eye brightening, brow bone & cupid bows highlighing product then it is FAB. Also perfect for a little bit of contouring down the nose.

5) NYX Liquid Suede lipsticks

Basically – I am obsessed with the colours and the durability of these. Liquid lipsticks and I really do not mix well. I have never found one that ‘lasts all day’ and isn’t drying. I find they always ‘bobble’ on my lips and flake off and disappear along the inner watery part of my lips (is there a less gross and more technical word for that)? But although I still find that this does come off with wear, eating and drinking etc – I love the colour so much, and love that it doesn’t feel drying at all – that I am happy to reapply it whenever I need top up.

6) M.A.C Honeylove

This lipstick is in my make up bag because I don’t go anywhere without it. End of.

7) bareMinerals Complexion Rescue

This is the perfect foundation for holidays. I never wear foundation during the day as I am always slathered in factor 50. But I love that this is such a light tinted moisturiser that I can wear it in the evenings, it doesn’t cover up my freckles, just gives me a lovely, light coverage. It does also have SPF in it so if you wanted it for city breaks / general spring summer day make up – then it does have factor 30 protecting you from those rays.

8) TooFaced Better Than Sex Mascara 

Yes this is on the blog again. Because I still haven’t found a mascara to beat it. The only downside – this one isn’t waterproof but they DO have a waterproof one so check that out if you are going anywhere that involves swimming or sweating.

9) Spectrum Contour Brush

They are so beautiful – just buy the entire set ok? I love this highlighting contour brush so much – it is the A21 I think. But yeah – if you make a brush investment – which you should – then get The Bombshell because it is worth it!


What are you favourite holiday make up bag essentials?? Is there anything I am missing that I seriously need to add? Let me know in the comments!!