Switching off in Miami and living in the moment.

I was trying SO hard not to start this post with some cliché song lyrics referencing to Miami – but then I just couldn’t help myself so… in the words of Will Smith “Welcome to Miami”.

I have been to Miami a couple of times now – and I absolutely love it. I know a lot of people who just don’t really get it – but to me, it is just so fun. I think that it is the perfect gals holiday destination with South Beach’s huge white beach, palm trees everywhere, cocktails, smoothies, millionaire mansions, beautiful Art Deco buildings and ridiculously cool neighbourhoods such as Wynwood, (which is the graffiti district), Little Havana, Downtown and the Design District.

I was SO excited to head back for a 4 day trip with the mega babe that is The Elle Next Door.

And my oh my did we have the best time ever. We hopped over to MIA after 4 insanely, amazing, perfect days in NYC with our fellow blogging gal pal Gemma (who had to head back home after NY  *inserts crying emoji* as she had to go back to work). As Miami is just 3 and a bit hours away from New York – it did seem rude not to come and say hello…

New York is my favourite place in the world – and the 3 of us had the BEST time exploring, chatting, mooching around, and eating everything for 4 days – and as always in New York, we did not stop. You are walking everywhere, seeing as much as you can and taking photos of everything. It was one of the best trips of my life, totally amazing – but when we landed in Miami, we were absolutely exhausted.

We were totally ready for some hard core rest & relaxation.

Now – when most people go on holiday, they go straight into relax mode. Bloggers go on holiday and are confronted with endless new photo opportunities – and the search for new content begins.

It is like a sickness. Even when you aren’t trying to, you will see a nice pretty wall or a cute car parked outside a sweet little hotel, or you will see a palm tree, or an avocado.. and BAM you are back Instagram mode, sizing everything up, thrusting your camera at whoever you are with “could you just really quickly take a quick photo of me” – aka – “could you take photos of me, until I am happy with one, which will take at least 20 mins, and can you also check the lighting, angles and tell me to smile because sometimes I concentrate on looking candid and my face just goes into resting bitch face”. So yeah – your brain just goes into “Must. Take. All. The. Photos. Or. I. Will. Implode” mode.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love that I am constantly on the lookout for photos. This is why I do what I do. I love creating content, making memories, rearranging where the coffee is on the table for a flatlay and choosing outfits that match my location.

However – it does worry me that I only see my life through an Instagram square. This is the only negative part of blogging & Instagram – I think I have forgotten how to see things through my eyes. I now only see things through my camera screen.

After New York, where we were literally taking photos of each other all day long (I mean, NYC is just too photogenic not to), I just really wanted to give my brain and camera a bit of a break.

The problem with this is that I constantly feel guilty or like I am wasting the opportunity if I have a cute breakfast, or wear a nice top, or see a pretty sunset and DONT document it and take 10-200 photos of it.

It made me genuinely worry that I can’t actually enjoy what I am doing if I am not furiously capturing every single moment. That everything I do, I do for the ‘gram.

This summer I am so excited to be partnering up with Accessorize for their #InTheMoment campaign, which got me thinking about the fact that sometimes, you should just live it and not document it. Not photograph it, snapchat it, vlog it, instastory and tag it, tweet about it, add it on Facebook, whatsapp and iMessage it. I have got to the point where I feel like there is no point in doing something “cute” or “yummy” or “pretty” if I can’t take a photo of it because then it is a waste.  And I absolutely hate that.

And so, Ellie & I decided that we were going to switch off in Miami. NO PHOTOS POR FAVOR.

The Accessorize campaign is all about taking the time away from all those electronics and the day to day grind, and really enjoying your holiday this summer, take the time to appreciate each other’s company and really live in the moment – so that is exactly what we did.

We needed it. We needed a break from social media but mainly to let our brains chill out and read a book, rather than comments. And to lie on a sun lounger without having to make a ‘FWIS’ photo or a “hot dogs or legs’ image. Watch a sunset, rather than being a silhouette in the image.

So we decided to not take any photos for the first 2 days of our 4 day trip. And (apart from the withdrawal symptoms of not having a phone glued to my hand) we had the most AMAZING time. We left out phones in our room, cameras in their bags. It was the weirdest, most naked I have ever felt.

But it meant that I had the luxuries of wearing a bikini without worrying about flattering angles. I read books not emails. I didn’t wear make up. Not even once. I ordered food and ate it as soon as it was put down rather than 10 mins later when it was cold or my eggs were now hardboiled.

As well as looking after our brains and switching off, not checking emails and having countless breakdowns over the instagram algorithm, we also took very good care of ourselves and just made sure we were having the healthiest, happiest trip. We made sure to looking after ourselves and treat ourselves – mind body and soul.

We had early morning jogs along the beach at sunrise (one thing jet lag is good for – is that you do get up early) drank lots of smoothies, treated ourselves to some Sushi Samba for dinner. Made sure we stayed hydrated, drank 100 Starbucks iced lattes, protected ourselves from the sun. Picked up face-masks in Sephora to keep our skin hydrated and snuggled up in the hotel dressing rooms having a pamper. And basically just had the greatest time looking after ourselves and chilling out max.


And trust me, I know how lucky we are that our day job can include taking photos, strolling along the beach wearing bikinis… it is the best life – and we did have SO many lols taking our photos after our mini break, but it was SO good to take some time off.

I did want to share with you all some of the outfits I wore in Miami and also some wellness tips when you are away this summer :). I absolutely love swimwear. If I am on holiday somewhere hot, I will 100% be wearing a bikini under my clothes at all times – just incase. Little sun dresses, too many sunglasses, denim shorts – some of my favourite items of clothing.

The Accessorize beach range has the perfect selection of items that can be mixed and matched to create a FAB summer wardrobe, for beach holidays, city breaks, festivals etc. When everything can be worn together it makes packing so much easier. I am also so in love with the prints, shapes and different accessories that are now in my possession so I will show you a few snapshots of Miami and what I wore!

My favourite print was this aztec print , which they have in all different swimwear styles and their sunglasses were SO FAB. I also used the little cross body bag every single day and was perfect for fitting everything I needed when out and about.

I will link everything at the bottom of the post so go on – have a little scroll…

Holiday Wellness Tips

1) Drink water and stay hydrated. When you think you have drunk enough water – drink some more. It is so good for our skin, and it will stop your body from feeling beyond awful if you get sunstroke or dehydrated. Oh and on that note – wear a hat in the sun. I know I sound like your mother, but keep your head out of direct sunshine as much as possible – I always try and get as much shade as possible during the middle of the day – as I am a pale kid and I get the WORST headaches from too much sun.

 Ikat Print Beaded Bikini Briefs // Ikat Print Beaded Bikini top // Sunglasses // Bracelets

2) Have a huge breakfast – because you are on holiday and you deserve french toast for breakfast. We mixed it up better diner breakfasts and nice healthy breakfasts like this one below – with avocado toast and a granola bowl, coffee and smoothies! Heaven!


Bag // Silver Sunglasses // Pink Sunglasses // Bracelets 

3) Get up early and go for a little run before the sun is completely up to energise yourself for a whole day of doing nothing! If you like to exercise, then running along a beach is one of the best things for you (it is also one of the hardest – I get tired just walking along sand). But jogging along with no shoes on is the most freeing thing ever – and doing it very early in the morning means the weather is still nice and cool so you don’t over heat.

I absolutely love this active wear from Accessorize – those colours tho! These shorts are my new favourite gym wear.


Above :
Sports top // Sports shorts 

4) Wear a high factor. Please. Looking after your skin in the sun is something I am so passionate about – I absolutely hate burning. I wearing either factor 30 or 50 on my body and 50 on my face. I get so angry with myself when I burn, and think it looks so disgusting – so I am always slathering on the suncream.

5) Beach bags are the best things ever. Don’t try and pack your handbag with suncream and flipflops. They will get ruined and nothing will fit. Trust me, I’ve tried. Get a good big old beach bag, that you don’t mind filling up with sand, suncream spills and towels!!


Ikat bikini top // Bag // Sandals // Sunglasses // tie-die bikini bottoms

6) RELAX, read and book or magazine, listen to music, zone out. SWITCH OFF and enjoy yourself. Just do what you want to do! And spend actual real life time with people you treasure, rather than scrolling through your phone.


Everything I wore is linked below 🙂

Ikat print Bikini Top & Briefs
Ikat print Swimsuit 

Tie Die Bikini Top & Brief
Pink Sunglasses
Silver Sunglasses 
Mirror Across Body Bag

Crochet top
Sports bra & shorts

Click here to view all the other pieces available from Accessorize
(I am already eyeing up a few more bikinis – YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY)

This was the greatest break ever. Firstly, I had the best time with Ellie. We literally cried with laughter, set the world to right everyday with our deep meaningful chats, and then cried with laughter again. We have always been good friends from blogging – but I came home wondering how I ever lived without her.

Secondly – I relaxed, I read a book and I realised that life still exists outside an Instagram square.

And basically we had an absolutely fantastic amazing hilarious time.

Does anyone else have any wellness tips for beach holidays? Please do let me know in the comment below as I would love to hear them!!


This post was written in collaboration with Accessorize. I am so in love with this brand and so happy to be working with them to share my beach wardrobe essentials with you!