Accessorising for summer events with Links of London

It is that time of year again. Summer. Which means wedding season. And garden parties. And going to the races. And more weddings. And another wedding.

Personally, I find smarter, more formal party dresses, (be it for Christmas parties, garden parties, birthday parties, surprise parties, dinner parties, tea parties) the MOST stressful things to buy. I will normally end up purchasing a dress the day before an event in some crazed, mad panic, that results in me buying an overly expensive dress, and usually not liking it at all – so it just sits in the wardrobe for eternity, never to be reworn.

BUT, I have GOOD NEWS. Dress panic aside – I HAVE found the most stunning jewellery to compliment all those summer events perfectly. So even if we do end up leaving the rest of the outfit till the very last minute/ not have an outfit to wear at all – at least the bling will be blooming brilliant.

And these perfect accessories are the gorgeous horseshoe jewellery from the brand new Links of London Ascot collection. *fangirls*

This collection is obviously completely ideal for heading off to the races. (I mean, after all, it is named after one of the most famous race venues…  and if you needed more convincing – them the horseshoe shape will probably give it away).

Links of London very kindly sent me over a few items to try on and take for a spin, and, well, I basically fell in love! There are a few different gorgeous pieces in the collection (have a peak here) but I chose to stick with the horseshoe style because it is just so perfect for wearing to the races, but also it is a symbol of good luck (and who doesn’t need a little bit of luck in their life).

The pieces come in gold, rose gold and silver, and if I am honest, I actually do not know which colour I prefer. I am normally a cliché rose gold gal but I ADORE all 3 colours – and think that I might actually be leaning towards the silver. Actually, yes – I think that a silver horse shoe ring is something that I would probably wear every single day. My sister (who took these pictures for me – thanks Darcey – you da best) – is obsessed with the gold necklace. And actually the rose gold bracelet is SO CUTE TOOOOO.

So we have established that this collection is obviously BEYOND perfect for a day at the races, however, as they are such a dreamy little charms, you could easily wear these to any wedding or summer party.

As they are lucky horseshoes – these pieces are such fab gift ideas (especially for anyone going through exams right now (such as my baby sister – I see you boo)… or even for your best friend on her wedding day – as she needs all the luck she can get not to fall down the aisle in her new heels.

Links of London have always been one of my favourite jewellery brands. I got a charm bracelet from them about 11 years ago, and fell in love with the beyond cute charms. It is still one of my most treasured possessions as every Christmas my grandma would get me a new charm and I love it so much.

What I adore about this new collection, is that is it as really elegant and stylist way of wearing a lucky charm without having to wear a huge chunky piece of jewellery.

So I am totally besotted with this collection – and with a little bit of (horseshoe) luck, I hope I have got you all obsessed too.

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What is your go to outfit for summer events??



This post was written in collaboration with Links of London, but all opinions are my own.