The Best Kind of Secret

I have something to share with you all. It is called Best Secret. And it is one of those things that you don’t realllllly want to share with anyone becauseeee its just so good that you want to keep it to yourself. But over here at Cocoa Chelsea, I am a giver – not a keeper. So I will share this fashiony secret with you – because I am VERY generous… and also because YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT IF YOU DONT ALREADY. Scroll on down to find out more!

So yes – it is called Best Secret and it is a members only shopping website filled with gorgeous clothing and accessories from incredible brands and discounted prices (up to 80% off or something crazy like that). Like seriously incredible brands – Michael Kors, DVF, Chloe, Adidas, Balenciaga – I mean the list goes on and on.

Best Secret is an online shopping club MADE for those of us who love fabulous things, but are also looking for the best deals and bargains out there. It is basically like a private members club for shopaholics anonymous …

It is super exclusive – you have to sign up and be recommended and approved to shop and browse on this genius site filled with thousands and thousands of things you “need”.

However-  as I said before – I am a giver – so I have a lovely little link – (which I am linking here) which will get you all in straight away. Because you are with me.

Just think of me as a big promoter at the coolest club door in town. You rock up to the door – say my name – and they will let you straight in – no queueing. (*You have to use that link though, otherwise some ‘bouncer’ might not know you with me and not let you in- and trust me, you wouldn’t want that).

I can’t explain how much I love this website – and how hesitant I am to share it with everyone as all my shopping secrets will be revealed. I can happily spend hours and hours scrolling through all the 3000 brands – adding incredible pieces to my basket – fan girling when I find a pair of Ray Bans that are new season and cheaper than anywhere else I could find them.

I selected my entire outfit in this post for under £300 and this was including a pair of MICHAEL KORS SUNGLASSES and “7 for all Mankind” jeans, that normally retail for £200 on their own.

Normally with discount shopping – you never get the in season / on trend items, but Best Secret have such gorgeous selections with a really gorgeous mix of highstreet to designer, if you want an outfit for under £20 or you can spend over £500  – you will find the best mix.

The other thing I love about this is that you can order an entire new outfit etc from one website – but not wear everything from that ONE brand – if that makes sense.

I hate going out somewhere after an online order has just arrived at your house and you want to wear everything you just bought… Everyone is like oh where is your top form? “ASOS” – and your jeans? “ASOS” – oh cool – and that bag, and shoes? “ASOS, ASOS”. oh – ok – cool – thanks.

This is a really perfect way to just order from one location and get as many different brands and designers as you want.


So what am I wearing?

Well – I went on the website with a very clear idea of what I wanted – I wanted to buy a gorgeous discounted designer handbag. Don’t we all? I love investing in big accessories and keeping the basics such as jeans and tops towards the lower end of the price point.

But I completely changed my mind when I signed up and logged in to this shopping heaven.

In fact – I think my bag was actually the cheapest part of my order in the end.

Ok, I will stop waffling and tell you what I bought.

Jeans – 7 for all Mankind 

Top  – Samsoe & Samsoe

Espadrilles – Isabel Licardi

Sunglasses – Michael Kors

Bag – Only

I would never normally justify buying a pair of jeans that are over £40 (hey Topshop Jamie Jeans I see you) – but because I have ALWAYSSSS wanted a pair of Seven for all Mankind jeans, (they were just over £100 from Best Secret – hello)… and seeing that they were a nice pair, not a 10-year-old, out of date, weird sized pair – I thought OH MY GOD YES. Get me the jeans and a simple white t-shirt please.

I, again, wanted to spend very little on this t-shirt – so I could invest more in my bag (still on the bag dream) but then I saw this GORGEOUS t-shirt on there. Again – I would never normally spend money on a plain white t-shirt -but it looked so beautiful and was such a good price that I had to have it. My blogging gal pal Sinead (find her blog here) also bought this white top and she made it look so gorgeous that I picked one up too. I have worn it as much as is possible (and is hygienic) since I got it. It is the perfect white tee. Totally seethrough though so get yourself a pretty bralette.

Shoes – espadrilles – summer – crochet pattern – gold. Happiness. I love these. They were also such a huge saving of £118 to £42.90.

My bag ended up only costing me £15 and is tr perfect summer clutch. I think it looks super on trend and expensive so its a total win win win win.

So yes – basically I am obsessed. Not only am I the proud owner of beautiful new clothes – but I also have a new website to spend my life procrastinating and online shopping till the early hours of the morning.

Make sure you sign up using this link and thank me later!

Shoot Location

Primrose Hill Bakery – and yes yes yes that is a pink glitter cupcake. Go there. You are welcome.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed and are all signed up to shopping happiness with Best Secret!


This post was written in collaboration with Best Secret, but all opinions are my own (And all items selected and styled by me) xx