My new jewellery obsession – JewelStreet

So today’s topic is jewellery.  Is there a better subject to discuss, when its cold and raining outside in the MIDDLE OF JULY – anything to add a bit of sparkle to the day!

Ok so – lets quickly start with a blanket statement – online shopping is huge.

*applause for stating the obvious* but I do actually have a point.

You can buy everything and anything online now; you can redo your entire wardrobe from the comfort of your bed at 2am. And buy an actual new wardrobe (and chest of drawers at the same time). I mean – I buy LITERALLY everything online – clothes, furniture, camera equipment, beauty products, flights, gym memberships, all the fooddd. The only thing I can’t order straight to my door is my morning Starbucks – but that will soon change.

But the one thing I have never bought online is designer jewellery. Obviously I have bought fast-fashion pieces of jewellery online before. Such as those packets of 12 rings that cost £5 and go green on your fingers within 2 seconds. But when it came to splurging on anything made of an actual real metal, or something that is an actual piece of jewellery that was meant to be treasured – I panic and decide to go and buy it in store. Mainly because I could never find anywhere to browse different designers/ find new brands, and also – I would always think that you should go in store to find the best pieces so that you could try them on and make sure they suit me etc.

However – this meant that I actually haven’t been purchasing unique or designer pieces in the longest time. For two reasons – 1) I very rarely go shopping in real life person any more – its all done from my laptop – and 2) I wasn’t sure where to go to find anything unique and perfect. You can spend hours popping into different jewellery stores but not being able to compare lots of different brands to each other was really confusing so I just never did it. I mean – obviously there are the big main jewellery companies, which I love, but if you are looking for something a bit different – I never knew where to go.


Quick summary – JewelStreet is an online jewellery shop – home to over 600 independent jewellery designers, each with an amazing story to tell. This therefore results in totally unique pieces of jewellery, and THOUSANDS of pieces available, that are made with everything you want your jewellery to be made with – passion, patience, attention to detail and loveeee.

My favourite thing about this website is the variety that is available. They have designers from Tel Aviv to London to Stockholm etc and everything is just SO individual. It is literally a candy store of pieces of jewellery. There is so much variety and beauty – it makes me so happy.

Prices of the items range from affordable to the very special and there is so much choice and exciting brands to discover – so go and have a browse now – here is the link.

I am currently wearing two pieces that I selected from Tiny Om. This is a brand that I am now head over heels in love with – but that I would never have ever found without JewelStreet.

Tiny Om is owned by an ex-lawyer Virginie Dreyer – who moved to the Middle East to pursue a more creative career. The name Tiny Om comes from the ‘Om’ chant and mantra which celebrates creation, preservation, and liberation, the brand is known for designing talismanic, spiritual pieces.

All her jewellery is just incredible and the thing that I like the most is that not only are they a perfect fashion accessory – but all the pieces are stacked up with meaning. Virginie said: “My inspiration comes from universal symbols, ancestral tales, and the beauty of nature. Each TinyOm piece is designed with a protective purpose.”

They are so incredible delicate and dainty and meaningful and I am so obsessed with them.

So I picked the Manipura bracelet and the Sahasrara Chakra Pendant necklace. 

The 7 Chakras are the spiritual energy centres within the body. My bracelet is the Manipura chakra bracelet (complete with a yellow Citrine) and the Manipura is the solar plexus chakra, related to the colour yellow. It represents our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives.

I picked this one as all I want in life is to feel more confident and a bit more in-control of my life haha. Also – it is beyond stunning.

Then my necklace is the Sahasrara which is the crown chakra, related to the colour pink. It represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. It is a symbol of oneness and wisdom.


JewelStreet also offer a very unique concierge service – for a more bespoke jewellery buying experience. So basically you pick the piece and they will make sure they personally get it to you at a time that is convenient to you – even if your piece is being made in Brazil or France – they will make sure to get it to your door when it works for you!

Some pieces are in stock, some are made to order – Tiny Om pieces are all in stock with 14 days to return too 🙂

I honestly can’t think of a better website to for all those birthday presents and Christmas presents for those people who you can never work out what to buy for them! I am a true fan of this website and I will forever be finding unique pieces from unique brands on here 🙂

Shop the Look

Necklace – Tiny Om @ JewelStreet

Braelet – Tiny Om @ JewelStreet

Shirt – Rails

Skirt – Missguided

Sunglasses – Primark

Thank you so much for JewelStreet for working with me on this blog post – and also for TinyOm for gifting me the pieces – I am absolutely in love with them and am staring at them right now whilst I type 🙂

What is your favourite piece of jewellery you have ever owned?


This post was written in collaboration with JewelStreet but all jewellery fangirling is my own. 

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