T-shirt knots and Culottes

It has been months since I uploaded an simple outfit post. Nothing sponsored, nothing important to mention, nothing gifted or loaned. Just a good old fashioned outfit post of some pieces that I am enjoying wearing. AND IT FEELS SO GOOD TO JUST BE BACK TO BASICS.

I have been awful at keeping up with my blog – I let Instagram completely consume my life, all my content was for an Instagram image -not a blog post – which is 1) a total waste of all the 10000 photos I take just for 1x image for the gram and 2) such a stupid thing to do. My blog is my pride and joy and I have treated it so badly. Sorry blog.

There are also 100million other reasons my blog was left a little bit unattended and unmaintained but I will get into those in a separate post. SO stay tuned for that. BUT TODAY ITS ALL ABOUT A SIMPLE OUTFIT POST WOO.

I absolutely loved shooting again – I shot these images with Rebecca Spencer who is a mega babe so go and follow her immediately (insta: @rebeccaspencer_photography). We have been trying to meet up and shoot together for SUCH A LONG TIME and we finally did and MANNNN am I glad we did because the girl knows her way around a camera.

But enough chatter – I hope you enjoy these images and the outfit. All items are linked at the bottom of this post. But a quick word on these culottes. Culottes are something I haven’t bought because I was like ‘nah I don’t need them, they really wont suit me, everyone has a pair, the trend will die out’ but OOH MY GOD they are the best things I have bought all summer. THEY ARE SO COMFY. I love them I love them I love them. I also love the details on these – the bow and the ruffled waist.

Also – this t-shirt is just a super cheap t-shirt that I have tied in a knot to jazz it up a little bit.

Shop the Look

Top – Zara (only £6)

Trousers – Zara

Shoes – Converse

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Bag – Chloë


It is good to be back! xx