A lil’ bit of hair loving with Nexxus

So today I wanted to have a chat to you guys about all things hair.

It is so SO SO SO important, in my opinion, to keep your hair as healthy looking and happy as possible, just like if it was your skin or body. My hair is especially important to me, as I have always had big, wild, voluminous hair – so if it looked all damaged and broken – it wouldn’t be ideal at all.

If you follow any of my social channels, you will have seen that I have had a major bleaching session (check my insta here if you are haven’t already – come and join the party). I went platinum. It was amazing and I love being super super blonde – butttttt it isn’t the best thing to do to your hair.

In fact – it can really make your hair mad at you.

I would absolutely hate for my hair to be angry at me for how I have treated it. And so I have set out on a mission to find a hair care regime I loveeee so we can stay the best of friends, I don’t want it to feel like I am just using it and not taking care of it.

I have teamed up with Nexxus to try out their Emergencée hair regime – to bring all the happiness and bounce back into every single strand of my hair to leave it looking healthy. AND didn’t this collaboration come AT THE BEST TIME. Literally – when my hair needed TLC the most.

Can I just quickly say – before I discuss the products and my thoughts on them – the packaging is goals. It is so pearly and pretty and mermaidy and I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

I know that you should never judge a book by its cover, so you shouldn’t judge a hair range by its glossy exterior – but from the outside – it ticks allll the boxes.

Ok, so now onto the actual products – after all it is what’s on the inside (of the bottle) that counts.

As with most brands, they have designed their products to work best when used together. Like a little helpful family. There are 4 different ranges – the Nutritive range, the Emergencée range (this is what I’ve been using), the Youth Renewal range and the Oil Infinite range all from the Nexxus system 🙂

The Nexxus brand originated in Tribeca, NYC (my fav) all the way back in 1979 and they were the first to introduce Keratin and aloe vera into hair care products – making Jheri Redding (the creator of the brand) the father of modern containers (congrats and also THANK YOU SO MUCH). And the best news? The brand is now FINALLY available in the UK! wooo.

I will give you a super speedy summary of what the different ranges target, just so you can pick which one works best for your hair type, should you wish to try them out.

The Nutritive range is the ‘ultimate moisture for normal to dry hair’ – so this one is a replenishing system that reconditions the hair.

The Youth Renewal is for ‘visible vitality for fine and ageing hair’ – basically it’s a reviving product.

And the Oil Infinite is ‘frizz defying for unruly hair’. It apparently restores the lipid layer of the hair for manageability and softness.

I haven’t tried any of the above products but would highly recommend – as I have had such a positive experience with the Emergencée range.

Which imma talk to you about right now..

As I was saying before – my hair has been bleached from root to ends. Although I went to an amazing salon and colourist that made sure my hair was not majorly damaged by the process – it still felt a little bit crispy (if you have bleached your hair you will know that feeling) and I just wanted to breathe some life back into it.

Therefore the Emergencée range is the perfect regime for me as it is specially designed with damaged hair in mind. So I was like yessssss – bring it all to meeee.

Before I started using this Nexxus range – I was using a shampoo from one brand and a conditioner from another and a hair mask from ANOTHER brand and heat protection from – you guessed it – a totally different brand.

So when I started using the products all together, as this is how these products have been designed, it was amazing to see them all complement each other and work together. It was like a breath of fresh air and made my line of products I use in the shower look much neater also!

Essentially, Nexxus work on a 3 Step System philosophy:

1 . Silicone free shampoo rebalances the hair, purely cleansing it and replenishing nutrients without making the hair responsive.

2 . Conditioners restore the protective barrier and then

3 . Serums (all designed for different hair types etc) improve the manageability and control of hair.

The first time I used the shampoo and conditioner from this range, my hair afterwards felt quite fluffy and almost like each hair shaft was standing up for itself, trying to get in on the action. It was definitely different to anything I’d experienced before, as I felt like each strand of my hair was absorbing the product and getting use to it.

But, actually, the ‘fluffiness’ didn’t last, and I think this was just my hair’s way of welcoming the product to my hair and adjusting to the level of helpful proteins. As I had been using so many different brands before, my hair was all over the place but these products are deffffffinitly different to anything I’ve used previously, with a set job to reinforce the hair’s structure and reduce all the breakages going on.

By the 3rd time of using the range, I noticed a huge difference in my hair. As I was using all the products together, and had also used the mask by this point (it’s amazing), my hair had started to absorb the proteins and accept the help that the Nexxus products were offering.

I felt like my hair was smoother – and I don’t know if elastic-y is the right word / even a word at all – but I felt like my hair was back to being its bendy elastic-y movementy self, that I could twist into a bun and, when I took the bun out, it would look healthy and flow back down normally. Rather than just staying in a knot on top of my head – and then going into a frizzy brittle floppy mess.

I was using the ‘leave in’ crème to keep my hair feeling the bestest ever throughout the days – but also as it is a babe at protecting your hair from heat styling damage etc etc.  I am adding this in in the morning (literally the tiniest pump ever) before I curl my hair but also even if I wasn’t styling my hair – just to keep visibly restored.

Now, for the sciencey bit: did you know that our hair is made up of more than 90% protein? And this range in particular is enriched with Elastin Protein and Marine Collagen that recharges weakened hair. I feel like I am giving you a lot of facts to take in – and actually all you want to know is do I like the products or not – but I do find all of this really interesting and I really do like to know what is in the products I am using on my body, skin and hair.

The Leave in Crème reduces breakage by up to 95% which is just insaneeeeeee. AND I have to add this in – because this is so important to me – it doesn’t weigh the hair down at all. I can’t stand having sticky clumpy locks so this is a dream.

I really believe that using products that are there to help your hair live its best life, are the way forward. I am super happy that I got to collaborate with Nexxus to learn about this brand on paper, and to also experience the range for myself.

Also – is there anything better than doing a hair mask and the ultimate chill that comes with that? I think the hair masque is my favourite out of all the products – it feels like you’re applying butter to your hair, soooo smooth. With the added bonus of knowing that it is rebuilding my hair from the inside out.

All the Nexxus products are available throughout the UK online – here is a link to the products on Amazon!!! 

Thanks so much for reading – sorry for all the info overload but I hope you found it helpful if you are looking for a product to help rebuild you hair!

Which range do you think would suit your hair the most?

This post is written in collaboration with Nexxus but all product reviews and opinions are my own!



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