Cupcakes with my Sweeties (and our Links of London Sweetie Bracelets)

all the girls and sweetie bracelets

Ahh I am so happy to share with you one of the cutest campaigns I have ever been a part of – mainly because I got to hang out in the cutest baker and shoot with these absolutely beautiful creatures (Ellie, Sabrina and Meg – all linked below), that I am SO lucky to call my friends (and the reason I love my job so much). We were all super excited to be working in collaboration with Links of London, which basically meant we got to go out for cake and coffee and have a huge catch up whilst wearing their gorgeous new (but also iconic) Sweetie bracelets. WHAT A DREAM.

Girls holding up cakes and sweetie Links of London Links of London packaging Links of London box Links of London sweetie bracelets table

The sweetie bracelet and I go way back – I THINK I have had my original one for like 10 years or something????? That is crazy! How has it been 10 years?

Actually Links and I go even further back than that – I was given a Links of London charm bracelet from my Grandma for Christmas when I was 13? Which is now 13 years ago (oh my god how am I getting so old so quickly).

But this bracelet was my pride and joy. Every year for my birthday and for Christmas, my grandma and I would head out to their store just off Bond Street and spend hours picking out a new charm.

It is honestly one of my most treasured possessions. It has charms that that all mean something to me – right up to my ‘18 birthday charm and my little key for turning 21. It is just so personal and will always remind me of my Grandma and spending hours choosing which charm I wanted next.

Cocoa Chelsea and links of london sweetie charm bracelet Links of London sweetie charm Cocoa Chelsea smiling coffee Links of London

However, as this bracelet because so special and so full of charms – I only wore it on very special occasions – the fear of losing it was too painful.

So this made way for my Sweetie Charm bracelet. It was actually my mum who bought a Sweetie bracelet first. I had seen them everywhere – I wanted one so badly – and then one day my mum came home with one on her wrist. It was beautiful – it was the silver bracelet with gold rings added throughout the bracelet – with one charm on it.

She had had a moment of ‘treat yo-self’ and had gone out and just picked one randomly at work. It installed all sorts of #girlboss mentality in me.

I was just so unbelievably jealous. I obviously couldn’t really ask for one as I had a Links bracelet already but I wanted one so much as they were SO COOL and SO PRETTY.

Then one of my friends bought me one as a very late birthday present one year and I was so so so happy and so excited. It has a little duck on it – silver with a gold beak. The duck was a private joke between us – and that’s is what makes these bracelets so special – you can personalise them to mean so much more and can add and swap out different charms.

I have always loved my Sweetie Bracelet – but over the years, it was put back in my jewellery box as I started wearing more gold or rose gold jewellery.

But when Links asked me if I wanted to take part in this campaign, I was like YASSS PLEASE and all those nostalgic emotions and love for this bracelet came floooooding back haha.

Links of London bracelet and cupcakes Links of London suitcase charm sweetie Links of London sweetie coffee cupcake catch up laughing with the girls and Links of London sweetie bracelet

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Links of London – they are an iconic international jewellery brand that captures London’s heart and spirit – I mean Kate Middleton wore Links of London jewellery in her engagement photo – you don’t get much more iconic than that. The Links of London logo (that’s a tongue twister) is made up of 3 inter connecting rings that represent – Love, London and Life. I feel that this is a motto to live by and LINKS (geddit) beautifully back to the campaign.

I think that these bracelets have stood the test of time incredible well. They don’t look out of date or ‘that was so last year’. They have just got better and better. And I still love how unique you can make them with different charms and colours and rings.

We were very kindly gifted a bracelet each – and just because I am still so obsessed with my mums one with her gold rings in it – that is exactly what I asked for. So I am now the proud owner of a silver sweetie bracelet – with 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Sweetie Rings – just like hers. PLUS this means I can wear this bracelet with all my gold jewellery as my bracelet now has hints of gold on the band and the charms.

cupcakes and bracelet Links of London all the girls with cupcakes and Links of London sweetie bracelet cupcakes and Links of London sweetie bracelets Links of London sweetie charm close up  cupcake and sweetie bracelet Links of London cocoa chelsea and Links of London shoot with girls

I chose two charms that sum me up super well. A teapot charm and a suitcase charm.

The teapot because I basically live and breathe tea. It is an obsession. And the suitcase because since I started blogging, especially this year, I have been so so fortunate to do a lot of travel  – HOWEVER – this does mean that I am constantly living out of a suitcase.

Both these charms are so cute and mean so much to me – the tea reminds me of home and happiness and sofa chills and London, and the suitcase is a reminder of all the amazing places I have visited and sights I have seen, and of how far I have coming with blogging.

The suitcase and the teapot have one huge thing in common – that no matter where I roam – London will always be my home. Nothing is better than coming home, putting down a suitcase and having a good old cup of tea. Remember – it is all about the love, London and life.

It is so lovely to have this piece of jewellery in my collection now – it is such a classic to me, and will always remind me of these girls, this period of my life and how far I have come and changed since my first Sweetie Bracelet all those years ago.

Links of London sweetie close up

We had the best time shooting this campaign – it took forever to all get us to be free on the same day as we are all so busy (being girl bosses of course) but it was so great to catch up with each other – and spend far too long taking photos are we kept laughing.

Links to all the girls blogs are below – go check them out because they are all such mega total babes




Thank you so much to Links for working with us – I absolutely loved it and now have another Links bracelet to treasure forever.

candid of the girls and Links of London


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