Five Things That Made Me Happy – DAY TWELVE


Guys – new record for how late we are writing this post. I published it initially at like 10 mins to 12 so I got it out on the correct date – but LOL I am only just sitting down to write it now – and the time is currently 2:10am.

Whyyyyy SO LATE.

Ok – the reason it is so late is because I am GOING TO JAMAICA TOMORROW WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so I have been packing and Alex and I have been tidying up the flat etc etc.

I can’t even explain the bags under my eyes right now – I look completely awful. Nothing a few days in the Caribbean can’t help… AHHH SO EXCITED.

So I will obviously go into more detail when I am actually in Jamaica – such as why I am there, who I am there with, how long etc etc – so stay tuned for that. I am tempted to do a daily Jamaica update for y’all – or would you prefer just one long blog post?

I will also be vlogging my trip so stay tuned for that!

Ok enough about the future – lets discuss the present – well – the past really – of today / yesterday / lets just pretend it is still the 28th ok?

5 Things That Made Me Happy Today:

1 . One of my favourite people in the world came round to see me for dinner at my flat before I jet off tomorrow. Ive been having a pretty miserable time recently (as you may have picked up on from yesterdays blog post) but my friend Lauren popped in on her way home from work – we ordered some sushi and noodles and had a catch up. She’s a babe. Mega babe. We did however spend a painful amount on sushi. We should never order food when we are hungry. no no no.

2 . I went to see my Grandma today and catch up with my fam. I am so used to seeing them all every single day so I really do treasure seeing them when I can – even just for 5 mins. My Grandma has a big operation on Monday – which I am not in the country for – so I got to see her this afternoon and wish her all the luck. SO everyone send positive thoughts to her for a speedy recovery on Monday please and thank you.

3 . I am all packed (apart from my washbag) with little to no stress. This is crazy for me as I HATE packing – and normally have about 4 meltdowns about putting things into a suitcase – but somehow it seems to be getting easier. Which is fab.

4 . I mayyyyyy have ordered myself a new camera – AHHH – which arrived today. Well – I had to go and collect it – but still – HEYYY NEW BABY. It’s mainly for vlogging – so now I have the camera – I better get vlogging.

5 . I can’t wait to spend a whole week with Alex, on a beach, sipping cocktails. Is it meant to rain every day? Yes. Thunderstorms every day? Yes. BUT I DONT MIND. WE WILL HAVE FUN. I GET TO READ LOADS OF BOOKS FOR A WEEK. AND I CAN’T WAIT.