Five things that made me happy – Day One

This is the official FIRST DAY, DAY ONE of my little happiness project – 5 things that have made me happy today.

If you are reading this and didn’t catch last nights post (the one I wrote at 3am after an argument, a life breakdown, a career meltdown and a mini tantrum) then I would recommend reading that post (linked here) first to get the back story of how we got to here. Post meltdown.

(can I also really quickly add – I woke up today and was like OH MY GOD WHAT DID I PUBLISH ONTO THE INTERNET WITHOUT SPELL CHECKING OR ACTUALLY THINKING TWICE ABOUT RANTING MY BORING FIRST WORLD LIFE ISSUES OUT TO PEOPLE WHO WILL THINK I AM THE BIGGEST JOKE. – I had the feeling when you wake up hungover and think about what you may or may not have said to someone you…) But I decided to keep the post up – and so HERE WE ARE GUYS. WELCOME TO DAY ONE.

I have just got into bed and it is 11:27pm on Wednesday 13th. I am SO DESPERATE to get this post up today. I wanted all my posts to be in date order – nice and neatly. But today is only here for 33 more mins. So I’m going to speed type (which involves so many typos and added time to go back and edit but swings and roundabouts you know?).

The first part of this whole project was to get a blog post out every day so I just can’t be late of my first day. That would be like turning up in Year 7 late, walking into a classroom and everyone turns round and STARES at you like you are some weird alien child who is incapable of life already, at the age of 11. (The classroom in this situation is the very small but lovely handful of you who read last nights post, wrote gorgeous comments to me, tweeted me, DM’d me, whatsapped me  – thank you – and who have now probably come back to check I am keeping my meltdown promise. Because some people don’t keep promises they make in utter hysteria.)

But I WILL do this little happiness project. I will. Starting today. WOO.

So yes, I am in bed, 11:31pm, frantically trying to think of a title for this little weird project.

Alex, who is normally SO rubbish at puns (like – honestly the worst – its really actually worrying how bad the puns he makes up are, and then he sniggers at them for hours) – keeps butting in with ideas which is really annoying as I am trying to type and trying to think – BUT he has just thrown ‘high fives’ and ‘five highs’ into the mix and I am so impressed – but also kinda angry that he came up with them – not myself.

So at the moment we have

Five Highs // High Fives // Five Happinesses of the Day // Five Happy Things Today //

So I am opening up the floor to suggestions and also voting.

Now – it is 11:39pm – MAAA – need to write down 5 things that made me happy today… however – today was literally one of those days where everything went wrong. EVERYTHING.

For example – snoozed my alarm – a lot – after my 3:30am finally bed time – and then the WINDDDDD outside last night was cray. So I didn’t get up till like 9.

But then I made my bed. I read somewhere that making your bed is the best way to start your day. Normally I just throw the duvet on in the kind of rough shape and direction of the bed. But today I made it all nicely and put the pillows on it neatly. This is because – if you have a bad day – no matter what happens – you will come home to a lovely tidy bed and it will cheer you up! So that was how we started.

Then I went into Oxford Street to pick up a few bits and pieces.

I decided – that I would treat myself to a Pret breakfast – to fill my day with a little bit of happiness instead of just having breakfast at home. So I went to Pret – had a fail proof porridge with one of those honey pots (which are always SO sticky to pick up) and guess what? It tasted disgusting.

Instantly I was like fuck this – there is no happiness in this world. My porridge is rancid.

And then I realised – it was doing exactly what I didn’t want to be doing – I was trying to force happiness into my life – rather than just appreciating what I already have in my life. I was giving myself expectations of how to make my life super fabulous – and actually that was just so not the point. It was to find happiness in the everyday, in the life that I live and appreciate what I have; such as the perfectly good toast and marmite in my own kitchen. So I chucked the porridge in the bin – couldn’t even be bothered to complain – and headed off to the shops.

So the chain of events of my day –

Snapped my eyebrow pencil

Picked up a coat from Topshop for a shoot I was doing today – security tag was left in – didn’t realise until I was about 15 mins down the road – had to go all the way back and stand in a huge queue again.

Went to collect another item from Urban Outfitters – aka Urbz – they didn’t have my size in the one thing I went in for – typical.

Got home – got ready for my shoot. Did hair. Make up. My sister arrived to take my photos (what a babe) and then just as we stepped outside – literally foot on the pavement – rain.


We managed to get a couple of shots by a wall – the original location was pretty much a wind rain tunnel of hell so we headed over to a more covered wall and got an Insta photo – so all was not lost. But the next couple of outfits were a right off for the day – so it was just so frustrating.

Please see photographic evidence of wind conditions below.

Also – posing goals below:

(ahhh 11:53pm)

A job I had had lined up got cancelled.

I poured too much milk in my tea so it didn’t taste of anything.

Put my skinny ripped jeans on too quickly, and therefore made the rip around the knee 8x bigger with my clumsy foot ripping through that rather than the actual LEG.

I could go on and on and on – BUT this is not why we are here. We are here for the GOOD things. Ok. SO.

5 Things that made me happy today were

1 . I made my bed this morning. It really did make me happy doing it properly. And I absolutely loved walking into my room this evening, after a late night at an event, and having my bed looking so inviting and happy.


2 . I had a blister on my foot (gross yes – but it was huge and impressive and a true war wound from high heels) and my littlest sister Zoë had sent me (via my other sister) a little envelope which had inside it a little note and two plasters to make my foot better. (Yes I had sent her a photo of my blister – there are no boundaries). It honestly was SO SO cute and so something she used to do when she was like 6 years old. She is SO cute. SO CUTE. And my other sister had also picked me up a blister plaster from the station when she was en route to meet me, but also bought me my favourite M&S pasta salad and all time favourite crisps (those sour cream and chive ones – oh my lord I love them). So those two made me very happy today with just general sweetness.


3 . I went to the most beautiful event this evening with Juicy Couture. The set up..

(AHHHHH 11:58pm guys. We aren’t going to make it. Can I cheat and publish now? And then keep typing? Does that work? No judging. Ok – its published. LOL I ain’t finished. )

… the set up of the room was just STUNNING. It was literally glitter flower heaven – on a frozen ice world of beautifulness. But the best thing was the girls that were there. Got to catch up with a few of my favourites, ate incredible food, had a lot of fun taking photos on this giant throne made of ice.  YAS (ice) QUEEN. It just made me so happy to be surrounded by favourite people in this incredible room and I am just so grateful to be there!

juicy couture, viva on ice, cocoa chelsea


4 . Although the weather hated me today, and I only managed to shoot 25% of what I had planned to shoot today – I loved my outfit and some of the pictures turned out alrighttttt. However  the photo did die the biggest death on Instagram this evening. Worse than any of my photos in a LONG old time. Like someone heard me panicking yesterday and was like “wooooo lets really mess with her emotions tonight – lets try and get REAL TEARS”. And I’m not going to lie – it did get to me. I was gutted that it had flopped so much (photo is below) because I just don’t understand what to post anymore. But then I had a quick talking to on my way home from the event and I was like “do I like this photo” – yes. “Do I like my pink coat of happiness and warmth” – yes. “Does it matter that your reach on this photo was only 2500 out of 49000?” no/yes/no. “Am I going to delete it?” no. “so GET OVER IT” – ok. My content makes me happy. I love taking photos, editing photos, sharing photos. And so tonight – I am not going to cry that a photo that would have got over 1000 likes a few months ago only got 500. I am going to channel my frustration into remembering that it really doesn’t bloody matter. And I am well ok with that right now.


5 .  Number 5 – and this is my favourite and biggest one of all. The comments on my blog post from last night. Honestly – filled me with such happiness. I am so grateful for every single person who took the time out of their busy lives to share a little love over my life breakdown. I was the lowest of the low and every single comment made me smile SO much. I really couldn’t appreciate every single person reading this now and who read last nights post any more if I tried. Thank you – I love you.


So there we go – 5 things for today. I am excited for what tomorrow holds! I have a few exciting meetings (which I really should get some sleep for so I don’t turn up looking like a ghost with under eye bags) and then I have the evening home alone in my flat to write my next list, make some food and get really super pumped about the fun journey we are all going to go on with these lists.

I really hope you all come along for the ride and please please please – let me know in the comments what has made you happy today!

Jess xx

p.s – To end each post – I will try to find a motivational little cute quotation or saying so there will always be some happiness for everyone in these posts 🙂

p.p.s – it is 12:35am – overstepped that one massively – but lets just hope it stays saying published at 11:58pm. Don’t tell anyone.

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(above photo – Pinterest)