Five Things That Made Me Happy Today – DAY TWO

Good evening my little cherubinos.

Not a word.

Small cherubs.

Lets start with a photo of me with no make up looking slightly deranged to get things cracking and also to strip it back to some realness.

Cocoa Chelsea Streetstyle flowers urban outfitters dress

Today is day TWO of my little happiness project. I still don’t know what to call it. I am just going to go with the self explaining title of ‘five things that made me happy today’ until further notice.

If you missed Day One and also the reason why I started this aka life meltdown – then they are linked <<<

We are off to a better start this evening – I am not currently rushing to finish a post at midnight (lol or after midnight #privatejokewithDayOnereaders #hiallofyou #anyofyou?!)

It is currently 9:09pm – I am home alone tonight as Alex is out having a social life and I am all snug and warm on the sofa (#goals) with my trackies on (which have bulldogs all over them – #evenmoregoals) and my Disneyland jumper (#lifegoals). I am curled up with a cup of tea and emergency chocolate biscuits that I just went to the shop to purchase in an emergency of low chocolate levels. And yes I did go in said trackies and jumper – but, you will be pleased to hear, I completed the look with UGG boots, to add a hint of basic, and then also my leather jacket – to add a hint of ‘cool and trendy’ to my get up, but mainly to cover up the fact that I am not wearing a bra.

(Wow there were a lot of hashtags in that paragraph – if this was Instagram, I would have been shadowbanned. *lol so bitter* *pauses for applause* *we could call that ‘apause’* *wow I am FUNNY today*

So today was ok. Had some bits to do, places to go, people to see. But the highlight of the day was BY FAR heading to the SPA at the Four Seasons Park Lane, darling, as you do on a casual….thursday? Wednesday? My iPhone say Thuesday so lets go with that. Although my phone lies to me on a daily basis – it says it has 32% battery and then BOOP – it dead. So I never trust what it says.

I will be reviewing my spa experience in another blog post – because it was FAB and so needs to have its own space to shine – but it was a DREAMY afternoon treat. I had a mini back massage and a facial, AND I could add two “enhancements” onto my treatment off this little treatment list… I was like, oh no don’t worry – this is more than enough – but then I saw one of the enhancements was a foot massage and I was like YASSS GIVE IT TO ME. I did feel sorry for the lady who had to see the war wound that was my blister from Tuesday night (another reference to yesterdays post – y’all all still with me?)

But lets just whack that whole experience in as number one for my happy list today. As it really was something special.


5 Things That Made Me Happy Today:


1 . Being pampered like a PRINCESS at the Four Seasons. Is it bad that one my favourite parts of the entire treatment was the dressing gown that I got to wear from the changing room to the treatment room and back again. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was the dressing gown to beat all dressing gowns. And I would like to think of myself as a dressing connoisseur – I have many… from Primark fluffy princess ones (that make you sweat SO much as nothing in the material is anything other than acrylic) to a super posh The White Company towelling one (that I usually put on when I just cba to dry myself properly after a shower). But this dressing gown – it was like silky cotton of magic on the outside and then the softest toweling material on the inside. But it was like a fleecy towel. I can’t even explain. Maybe just go to the spa and ask to feel a dressing gown ok? ALSO the spa is on the 10th floor which is super rare as most spas in London are underground so this incredible as you have all these views over Landan town and Hyde Park. BUT you’ll have to wait and read about that in its post soon.

Cocoa Chelsea Four Seasons Dressing gown happy

Cocoa Chelsea Four Seasons spa view of london

Cocoa Chelsea Four Seasons spa view of london treatment room

Cocoa Chelsea Four Seasons spa view of london flowers


2 . I left my flat on time today – which meant I got to my meeting on time this morning. And it was a 9am-er. NORMALLY I will leave 10 mins after I absolutely HAVE to leave – which results in me turning up anywhere as a messy ball of stress and normally about 3 mins late.

But today – I HAD to leave my flat at 8:10 to get to my meeting at approx. 8:53am (cheers CityMapper you legend). So I knew that I could leave at 8:15 and still get there on time – BUT I got in the lift today and I checked my phone and BAM – it was 8:10. Shook.

Therefore I walked nicely, like a sane person, to the bus stop rather than sprinting and cursing myself for SNOOZING. I didn’t get irrationally stressed when the lady at Victoria was only letting 5 people into the station every minute. I was chilled – posted an Instagram (which, of course, died) and then got to my meeting at 8:57am. Winning at life. Happy Jessica.

Breakfast Granger and Co eggs cocoa chelsea salmon london


3 . I had enough time to walk from one of my meetings to my next – Goodge Street to Green Park- so thats what I did. I absorbed all of Oxford Street but mainly Bond Street. I love walking down Bond Street, looking at all the things I can’t afford in the windows, making a mental list (the same one I have been making since I was 13 – from all of the things I will buy when I am rich and glamorous), seeing all the sugar daddies at the tills whilst their girlfriends are picking out another Louis Vuitton handbag and then spending an unhealthy amount of time ogling over diamonds from Boodles, Tiffany & Co, De Beers, Wempe – you know – those cheap places. I just loved walking rather than cramming myself onto the tube and getting some fresh, London pollution air.

Fendi Bond Street Window Display cocoa Chelsea window shopping bicycle

Also popped into ‘Joy’ – no happiness pun intended – and I saw these little boxes lined up and the bottom row was J C H which are my initials. And I swear I didn’t even do that myself (this time).

JCH initials cocoa chelsea JOY happy letters

4 .  I didn’t have very much time for lunch – and all day I was like “Jessica do not buy a Pret mac & cheese for lunch. Nope – have something healthy. You don’t need a 2pm Mac & Cheese. EAT A SALAD – you are the most unhealthy human in the world”

And so I went into Pret and picked up a Mac & Cheese. And it was excellent. Great decision.

Cocoa Chelsea mac and cheese Pret a Manger Gucci lunch time essentials

5 . I didn’t post a photo on Instagram tonight and it has been pure bliss. Instead I am writing this post, not checking my phone. No heart palpitations, no anxiety attacks. Just nice and blissful evening. I have Classic FM on (maximum chill) and I am really enjoying sitting here writing this post – I feel like I am talking to you all (but I have no idea if anyone is reading this or not – but its like having an imaginary friend so HEY EVERYONE). I just decided to give myself a little break from the ‘gram this evening. Especially as this photo (see below) did so badly this morning *weeps but then gets over it because realises how sad it sounds saying/typing it out loud*.

Cocoa Chelsea Instagram jesschamilton Radley handbag pink velvet details jeans

And now I am debating if I should have a bath and an early night, or start writing up my blog post from the Iceland cooking day I went to on Tuesday (first mentioned back in my meltdown post).

I might start editing the photo and then try and be asleep before 12 tonight. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

I have also decided to do a little summary of things at the bottom of all of these posts which I can look back on in a few weeks/month and see how it all hopefully changes.

Overall happiness today – average but my skin on my face feels fabulous.

Instagram following – 49840

Instagram mood – average to poor but like ‘tevaaaa.

excited for tomorrow? Kinda, yeah. Should be shooting some outfits so pray for no rain please and thank you.

And now for some motivation for everyone.

Please please do share with me something that made you happy today in the comments and I would love to hear! 🙂


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