Five Things That Made Me Happy – Day Three

Hello and WELCOME TO DAY THREE FAM. If you are just joining us here – then here are a few links for y’all.

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  3. The pain of my life right now – my Instagram (I mean why not…go check it out – say I sent you)
  4. Here is today’s instagram post:

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So – today hasn’t been the greatest days of all time. First of all – I wanted to send all my love to everyone and anyone affected by the Parsons Green tube incident this morning. So so horrible and scary. Just when you start to put things to the back of your mind – BAM. So that was really horrible way to start the day.

I am also UNBELIEVABLY tired. Like exhausted. It is 11:43pm on a Friday night and my eyes are actually shutting right now. I think one of them may be shut. But I have to get this post up. I really want to get this post up.

I am currently in bed with my sister – oh hey Zoe. She is reading over my shoulder and she is about to say ‘you didn’t put the umlaut on my name’ – I can feel it. She is now lolling because that is what she was about to say.

We are now cry laughing because apparently when she was in Year 7 and you had to say a fun fact about yourself – hers was “I have an umlaut on my E”. WOW – she must have been a real hoot back then.

Her other fun fact was that she was scared of geese. She got that from me.

Alex is away tonight with work friends in Brighton, so it is GALS NIGHT and we are having a sleepover. We had a pretty average evening. We decided to watch ‘Sisters’ on Sky Movies. It is that new-ish Tina Fey and Amy Poehler film – we had high hopes, seeing as we are big fans of Mean Girls and also Parks & Recreation. What a programme. Anyway this film was utter shite – such a waste of an evening – we turned it off half way through which I NEVER do. Then we ended up starting Gossip Girl on Netflixs.

I have to admit that I have never seen GG. Obvs I know who all the characters are – I haven’t been completely uneducated – but I have never watched it. Two episodes down and I am hoooooked. Probably not the best thing to start doing when I am trying to get back into working really hard on my blog and life – and I am like OH HEY A SERIES LETS GO GO GO.

Anyway – my day was just a bit crap. Got no sleep last night – went to bed at like 1:30pm and then at 3:30am some random drunk girl kept ringing our doorbell inside our block of flats. At first we ignored it. But after 5 mins Alex went to see who and what it was – panicked that it was his sister, so opening the front door to find some totally random girl lying on the floor outside the door, pressing our bell and our neighbour’s bell. She had apparently had an argument with her friend and was adamant she knew someone in our flat. Honey – you don’t. Anyway – we shut the door (I say we  – I was in bed) and then for the next 15 mins she just kept holding her finger down on the bloody door bell – which is one of those horrible new electronic ones that plays a horrible beeping tune. My brain hurts thinking back to the sound.

Eventually the security guard found her and we got to go back to sleep but I was so weirdly shaken by being woken up like that and listening to this girl screaming down the phone at her friend and PRESSING THE GOD DAMN DOORBELL that I just lay there staring at the ceiling. And before I knew it – it was morning.

I am just so tired. Emotionally and physically. Also didn’t achieve any of the things I wanted to achieve today at all.

So I am feeling so down and annoyed at myself for not just getting shit done and getting on with life – I just kind of moped around.

But I have a few things so here we go

5 Things That Made Me Happy Today


2 . Zoë and I had fish finger sandwiches for dinner and THEY WERE SO GOOD. We also had a really nice garlic bread from Tescos – cos – treat yo self.  I have a feeling that 90% of my lists of happiness will be about food… I LOVE FOOD.

3 . I saw my Grandma today which was really nice. She isn’t feeling the best at the moment so it was lovely to pop in, eat some of her food as always, and have a little catch up. When I lived at home I used to see her like 3 times a week and now I don’t see her as much so me and my other sister Darcey (no umlaut) went to see her for lunch. I bought her some sunflowers to cheer her up (which I used in an instagram image before giving them to her – don’t tell her – I am sure that makes me a terrible person but two birds and all that.)

autumn colours smoothie cocoa chelsea iced coffee chloe bag sunflowers

4 . I managed to find a SUPER last minute dress to wear to my school friends wedding tomorrow. It is nothing special and I am not sure how much I love it but I was REALLY stressed because I literally had nothing to wear and was at breaking point about turning up naked. I am not joking when I say I had nothing to wear. I literally got rid of SO much of my stuff when I moved out and now I have nada. But I was super relived to find a little greeny floral vibe from Zara that saved my ass.

5 . I got a seat on every bus that I took today.

If I am totally honest – today wasn’t my favourite. I didn’t even see enough dogs today. I am just pretty sad right now. BUT I know that things will get better. I am excited for the weekend, for my friends wedding and a Sunday with Alex.

I was just scrolling through Twitter and top of my newsfeed was a tweet by Katy Perry which said:

If I am totally honest - today wasn't my favourite and I can only think of 3 things that made me happy. I didn't even see enough dogs today. I am just pretty sad right now. BUT I know that things will get better. I am excited for the weekend, for my friends wedding and a Sunday with Alex. 

This is just what I needed to read before I finally shut my eyes and my laptop screen.

Sorry for the miserable post today – and I am sure that it wont be the last. I never want these posts to be all happy happy happy and turn into something that isn’t real. These all started out of the black hole of a meltdown, of which I still have many of. I will always be honest and real in these posts – but I am going to bed slightly happier knowing that I did have 5 things in my day that made me happy.

Also the fact that I have a small 5ft2 little human who is already asleep next to me in the time it has taken me to post this, makes me happy. She so small and cute. However sometimes she kicks in the night so pray for me.

As I am doing a 5 happy things 5 times a week – my next one will be on Monday as they will be Monday – Friday. SO I WILL SEE YOU THEN!

Peace and love

ooooh actually

xoxo new gossip girl fan

if you get tired learn to rest not to quit banksy cocoa chelsea