Five Things That Made Me Happy Today – DAY SIXTEEN


Sweet 16. (Anyone else used to be addicted to that programme? Sweeeeettt sixxxteeeennnn).

Can’t believe I leave Jamaica tomorrow – heading home for a weekend and then I am off on a plane again on Tuesday 10th.

Really looking forward to getting back and seeing my fam and visiting my Grandma after her operation.

Today it has been SO cloudly all day which is such a shame. We have been so unlucky with the weather – but that can happen anywhere. I think over the entire week we have had about 8 hours of sunshine… SO no tan for me.

I am actually being super efficient and writing this post at 6pm so that we can enjoy our last evening here and not have to panic about getting a blog post done (but in fact we have to leave for dinner in 15 mins so I am not sure I will get this finished in time BUT who doesn’t love a trier).

*Update* didn’t finish the post so finishing it now at 9pm – but had good intentions*

5 Things That Made Me Happy Today:

1 . We had a fresh coconut on the beach today (in the clouds yes). I literally love fresh coconut water so much. The only downside was that I had to share it with Alex as I literally could drink about 20 coconuts in one go.

2 . My cold is starting to feel better. I have been battling off a cold for the past couple of days – and woke up feeling truly awful – but then as the day has gone on I am feel a lot better which is FAB – because there is NOTHING worse that having a cold on the long plane journey. When your ears pop and you can’t blow your nose without extreme pain, and the air con drying your entire face and sinuses out – nah – nope – no thanks.

3 . Just ate such a good Lobster Surf & Turf for dinner – SO dreamy.

4 . It rained all afternoon today – so we went and had afternoon tea in the resort. We were the only people sitting down and having a cup of tea and cake at 5pm – all the Americans were drinking beer and playing water polo in the pool – and us old grannies were sipping brews and playing cards. We know how to live.

5 . I noticed that Alex had put my camera on charge when I hadn’t asked him to – he just knew it needed charging and did that for me. It is the really little things in life. He is a good egg. He also lets me cheat when we are playing pool or darts etc, and gives me more turns then I should have, so I can keep up with him.

And thats 5 Things that made me happy today!

Tomorrow I will be on a plane – but I will TRY and get it up before we leave – otherwise I will get it up on Saturday so bare with! xx