National Doughnut Week

This week is National Doughnut Week – is there a better week? AND the best part of this week – by buying a doughnut/50 doughnuts you could be helping raise money to the amazing The Children’s Trust charity. These are now not even just guilt free doughnuts – you can actually feel good about eating them – what more could you ask for?

I popped in to visit the lovely people at Dunn’s Bakery this weekend and to grab myself a box of their AMAZING doughnut treats. Dunn’s Bakery is a family owned, Crouch End bakery that has been around for 5 generations. It is known as one of North London’s finest craft bakeries – (scroll down to see some of their cakes – they are ridiculously cool – and yes, I need the Frozen cake).

A Bit of Info about the week:
Dunn’s Bakery, in collaboration with The Children’s Trust and other bakeries, is hosting National Doughnut Week (9th -16th May). Since 1991, Dunn’s has organised National Doughnut Week to raise money through doughnut sales. Since its first year, National Doughnut Week has raised a fabulous £785,000. The week-long charitable event was founded by Christopher Freeman, the master baker and owner of Dunn’s in 1991 and in 2005, The Children’s Trust was chosen as the benefactor charity!

Honestly, there doughnuts are so delicious. I got one of every flavour available.. I am still struggling to choose my ultimate favourite. I am a BIG fan of a glazed doughnut, but I LOVE sprinkles, and also chocolate chips – and a jam doughnut is just such a classic that is is always near the top spot. I just can’t decide. (Making you hungry yet?)

But the best thing about these doughnuts is that every single doughnut you purchase, the bakery dough-nates 20p to The Children’s Trust. So pop into Dunn’s Bakery or any of the other bakeries that are supporting National Doughnut Week and pick yourself a doughnut, or get a box or two to share with friends and family this week.

Find your local National Doughnut Week Bakery here.

You can find out more about the weeks events and different doughnut ideas on the links below!

Now, get ready for your stomachs to growl and your mouth to water –

I know where my next birthday cake is coming from.

The most amazing cake ever!

I would like this hanging in my bedroom

Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes – but today, that shape is round.

After the bakery, I was craving an iced coffee to sip while tucking into my doughnuts in my card so I stopped off at Harris & Hoole just across the road. When I walked in I saw yellow banners everywhere saying that it was UK Coffee Week and 5p from every coffee goes towards Project Waterfall. So I felt excellent about buying my coffee – a very successful morning. 

Loved filling this in while I waited for my coffee – what would you  do without coffee?

Jumper – 360cashmere, Jeans – Whistles, Ballet pumps – Topshop, Sunglasses – Ray Ban

I am absolutely in love with this bright pink Barbie jumper from 360Cashmere. I brought it a few months ago after I fell in love in the shop – but when I brought it home I thought ‘Oh my gawd, what have I done, it is too pink, it glows, I can never wear it in public’. But then Doughnut day made me feel like I could wear super bright colours, and voila – I love it again. It has been out in public now so I will definitely be wearing it again – so great for summer!

And so I got to spend my afternoon, sitting in the sunshine, eating doughnuts and drinking coffee whilst raising money for some amazing charities!

TEXT “DUNT15£amount” to 70070 to donate to The Children’s Trust and make a difference today.

I want to say a massive thank you the people at Dunn’s Bakery and The Children’s Trust for contacting me and informing me about this week and for the incredible doughnuts. I will now pencil it in my diary every year – and can’t wait for another whole week of doughnut love in 2016,

Lots of Love 

Cocoa Chelsea x