Sooo-sheee in Notting Hill

I found this amazing little sushi restaurant the other day when I was out in Notting Hill, at Portobello Road Market. I was starving but was craving sushi – so when I stopped this place I went straight in. 

It is called Ukai and it is down the end of Portobello, on the left hand side, near where the famous bookshop is! (If you get to Starbucks on the corner – you have gone a bit too far)

When we went in, it was empty apart from one man and his two kids. It is never a good sign when a restaurant is empty at lunch time. But our feet were killing us, and I was craving raw fish. So we sat down anyway. And I am so glad we did. 

First we got a pot of green tea while we decided what we were going to order. Sushi is like gold dust, so choosing what to have is always a game of how much can I order to make me full but not bankrupt me. 

The menu was dreamy but we eventually decided on Salmon Sashimi, Tuna Hosomaki, Prawn & Asparagus Futomaki, and then Tuna Tartare. 

So beautiful. 

My favourite – prawn & asparagus with a wasabi mayonnaise – perfect!

I love sashimi – and good sashimi, like this one, literally dissolves in your mouth it is so soft! DIVINE. 

Really wish I had been able to get Tuna Sashimi as it is my ultimate favourite – but, so we didn’t over order, we compromised and had salmon sashimi (my sister’s favourite) and then ordered Tuna maki and Tuna Tartare. 

It was amazing – served in shelled out cucumber it was amazingly refreshing. I ended up eating the tuna by itself and then eating the cucumber after as the cucumber masked the tuna taste if you ate it together. Who knew? A vegetable made mostly of water has such an overpowering taste!

We left feeling full but could of happily had a few more dishes. It really was amazing sushi and the staff were so lovely and friendly. I would definitely recommend it – and more people came in while we were there so it did start to fill up! 

They also do take away which I would use everyday if I lived nearer. Luckily for my bank account, I don’t!

Do you like sushi? Anyone have any good sushi recommendations – I would love to hear them!

Lots of Love 

Cocoa Chelsea x