From Baby to Blogger

This is still how I eat an icecream

If you read my blog post a few weeks ago, ’24 things that make me, me’, you will have seen that Nectar Card  are doing a big campaign on their app all about celebrating what makes you individual. (Make sure you download the app and go to the #makesmeme page, tell them what makes you individual to be in for a change to win some of their amazing surprises!!)

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I have loved working with them on their campaign about what makes me who I am, and it seemed like you have loved reading about it, so I thought I would do another post along the lines of ‘what makes me, me’ but this time with a more fashiony twist. I have decided to write a blog post on my outfit choices (#ootd) from baby to blogger. Bear with me on this,  it isn’t as weird as it seems.

When I was writing my previous post about what makes me, me – I added in a few old baby photos that I had had saved on my laptop. Well, these made me all nostalgic so the other day I whipped out the big photo albums filled with photos of me and my sisters when we were small.

When I was going through them, it gave me an idea to do a quick blog post about how my clothes have changed from being a baby to being a fashion blogger. I thought it would be a fun little post about how my style has developed over 24 years and to see if there have been any items that have stuck with me throughout.

Little did I know what a mammoth task this would turn out to be. I mean – this post has taken me days/weeks and hours & hours, riffling through all the baby photos and spending so much time getting lost in photo albums. Then I went through all of my Facebook photos to try and find some of my shocking clothing decisions throughout school & university and onto the present day.

As much of a mega task it has been – I have never loved working on a post so much. Did I have a few arguments with the scanner? – Yes. Have I ever wanted to put my fist through my laptop screen more then when I had scrolled back to 2008 on my Facebook photos and it decided to REFRESH? -No. But it has been so SO much fun looking back over my life and style/lack of style. ( * Disclaimer * I have all the feels right now. I am probably the most nostalgic person at the moment after just finishing going through old uni photos. I just want to be back in first year, in my flatmate’s bed, eating pizza, nursing a hangover and watching Jersey Shore…)

So what I found from my research is that I went through some very distinctive phases in terms of outfits – all of which I will share with you today.

Let’s start with a baby Jessica.

Loving my dad has colour coordinated his shoes to match my moses basket

So baby Jessica was chilled – she pretty much wore white babygrows and occasionally some colourful dungarees. But then came toddler Jessica. Probably the coolest toddler on the planet. In fact I am pretty sure I peaked as a toddler.  I was so cool. My mum dressed me mainly in black clothing to match her. I am forever going to try and get back to this level of sass and style in my adult life.


I nailed down some adult activities early on – driving, drinking and topless sunbathing…

… and I had also decided which city I wanted to live in, by the age of 2.

I still can’t get over how cool my clothes were. Look at the checked dress – I am SO chic. 

Black clothes, some stripes, some OTT sunglasses and Timberlands – my mother got my style nailed down early and it has pretty much gone full circle back to these items.

Werk it gurl – I’ve got that windswept look going on – and the classic blogger case of  ‘well of course, I always wear my pearls to the beach’
I have always always had at least one denim jacket in my wardrobe – somethings never change. 

And then it happened… I discovered the colour pink.  I discovered pretty dresses & Disney & princesses & Barbie. And that was it. I would only wear pink or princess themed items. Goodbye cool edgy black toddler Jessica, and welcome to the world Princess Jessica.

Yes I am wearing a Disney Sleeping Beauty nightie to nursery – no shame – it is beautiful. 

The pink phase turned out not really to be a phase. I think I made that pretty clear by writing an entire blog post last week all about the pink coat of dreams

Still getting slightly over excited by pink items in 2011..

Along with the pink phase, came my love of pretty party dresses. I loved party dresses and getting all glammed up in your new favourite dress and pretty shoes (so again, not much has changed). I remember that all my party dresses were kept in my mum’s wardrobe in her bedroom, so that I couldn’t just put them on everyday when playing in my room. They were for special occasions only. I remember having a white one with pink and purple flowers on it, with a bow on the back, and it was heavenly.

Still a big fan of the party dress…

Up next, and quite shocking after the pink phase, came the tomboy stage. I went totally the other way from pink princesses. It was my experimental phase. I totally ran away from being a girl for about 6 months – if that. I probably coincided with the time I tested out being a vegetarian (didn’t we all for like a day?) until I missed chicken nuggets.

I did go full tomboy though – I had a skateboard and I only wore blue clothes. Pink was banished. 

Shout out to my orthodontist 


The tomboy phase didn’t last too long – but I have kept a bit of that with me. I would still always wear jeans than a skirt and I will have a love affair with trainers forever. Not so much with skateboards – never could get the hang of it. Ever.

The Tomboy phase died out pretty quickly when I discovered Tammy. For anyone who is reading this and knows what Tammy was then high five for having equally as awful clothes as me. It was a shop that sold all of those flared jeans and awfully gross t-shirts with slogans such as  ‘Angel 99% of the time’  or  ‘I need my beauty sleep’ ‘I like my attitude problem’ etc. I LOVED all that crap.

OH MY GOD – look what I just found on eBay. I am dying.

These t-shirts were probably as far as my 11 year old rebellion streak went – having a bit of attitude on my t-shirt whilst still saying please and thank you politely for everything.

Crying with shame at this photo from a karaoke party – yes to the off-the-shoulder number with matching red eyeshadow for the win.

Then came secondary school. An all girls’ school. The time of dressing the same. I moved away from Tammy and Gap Kids and went straight into Topshop, New Look and H&M. My friends and I used to spend our Saturdays with our pocket money looking for new stylish horrible outfits in these shops. This rocked my world. And I would happily spend every Saturday still doing the same thing.

I have always had a school uniform, which I am so thankful for, as I would have hated having to choose an outfit every morning. Apart from the fact that my uniform in secondary school was brown…
But when you have a uniform – everyone goes all out on the weekends as you have to show off all your new items of clothing in one night..

I am pretty much totally hidden in this photo – which is ideal for me.

And then came the phase of Ugg. Oh my god – the Ugg was a phase that swept our school/the country like nothing else. They were life. They are still one of my favourite shoes to wear ever – just slightly less socially acceptable now. They came into my life around the time that everything you owned had to be from Abercrombie & Fitch otherwise who were you?
Following on shortly after was the Jack Wills uniform phase where everyone had the exact same hoodie and trackies and would wear them when you went down to Cornwall for a week at the beginning of the summer holidays – where you would drink one underage beer and feel like a baller.

That Ugg pile is still my favourite thing.

Ah Cornwall summer nights – dressed in Jack Wills hoodies..

We do try, my friends and I, to not dress the same nowadays – it doesn’t always happen though…

After school, I worked at Jack Wills for a year before heading travelling. So that meant I pretty much still lived in Jack Wills for the next year. My travelling outfit consisted of denim shorts and strappy tops. That was all I wore. Everyday. In slightly different colour combinations. I am not going to post too many travelling photos – because I am doing a big travelling post soon – so stay tuned for that)

Full Moon Baby

Then came Uni. And with Uni comes Freshers – enough said. Everyday a different fancy dress.

Exeter was famous for one dress up night in particular – The SSB – The Safer Sex Ball. Dresscode : underwear / as little as possible hence the photo of me in my underwear. I won’t bombard you with photos from SSB – they can stay safely locked away on Facebook. 

For the rest of my university life when I wasn’t dressed up – I pretty much lived in Converse, jeans and jumpers. That is literalllllly ALL I wore. Night outs – sure, I might spice it up with a skirt once a term – but normally I did jeans and a top and converse for that too…

Anyone else go to an ‘Itchy Feet’ night? So much fun.
The Rampant Sporting Campaign – and still in Converse.

See.. the same outfit.

I miss living with this kid everyday – I told you I was too nostalgically emotional.

One of the greatest times at Uni/growing up was when everyone started turning 21. It was the first time in ages, apart from formal socials, where you got to dress up properly & it bought back my love of party dresses. And oh my god, I loved my party dress for my 21st. It was probably the only time you can wear a fully sequinned gold dress and get away with it, without being compared to a bauble.

Then after uni – I went travelling again – this time for 7.5 months. Again, my outfit consisted of shorts and t-shirts. In different colours.

Always match your bikini to your cocktail.

(Stay tuned for a travelling blog post soon – where you can see all the different combinations of shorts & t-shirts.)

And that brings us to now. The ‘fashion blogger’ phase. There is no part of me that thinks I am cool enough to be a fashion blogger. At all. I am sitting writing this wearing an old Disneyland Paris t-shirt and I normally spend most of my day in trackies with my hair in a bun staring at other peoples clothes and wishing I was that cool.

However – I love love love putting outfit posts together and thankfully you all like reading about them – thank you for that. So here are a few flashbacks to some recent outfit posts.

I am unbelievably happy that fashion blogging can be something I do full time. It is totally and utterly my dream job. I have loved shopping and experimenting with clothes every since my mum bought me my first pair of Osh Kosh Denim Dungarees. From going full pink to full tomboy, it just shows how much you can tell about someone’s personality through their clothes.

I can also tell when I was my least confident in myself – which is when I was at Uni and the end of school – I was wearing basic items of clothing to fit in and not stand out. But now – I am wearing whatever I like, when I like and I am loving life. 

Always a big fan of blogging…

So along with the 24 things that make me, me in my previous post,  I have realised that what I have been wearing all my life is also a huge part of what makes me, me. The moral of my fashion story is: not only do I now dress exactly the same as how my mother used to dressed me aged 3… but also, that bits of each phase in my life has crept into my outfit choices today. From pink obsessing, to slight tom boy tones, to converse, black clothing and stripes – it is all still there. So a big thank you to my Mum for setting me on the right path and letting me wear Disney nighties to school.

I can’t believe I am wearing the same outfit 20 years apart – standing with a bronzed statue of an animal. What are the chances.

I hope you liked reading a bit more about what makes me, me. Make sure you download the Nectar Card app. Nectar want to celebrate individuality this month by giving away 4 once in a lifetime surprises. They want their customers to tell them what makes them stand out, what makes them individual. All you have to do is download the new Nectar Card app (follow this link), find the #MakesMeMe page and let them know what makes you YOU for your chance to win!

Let me know some of your some of your favourite outfits/phases in the comments! 


This post was written in collaboration with Nectar Card but all baby photos and poor outfit choices are my own.