Twinkle Toes

These shoes sparkle in the sunlight. What else is there to say?

Oh yes – they are also by Steve Madden. Sparkling, glittery, Steve Maddens. And people say you can’t buy happiness?

I think this is the first outfit post in months where I haven’t been wearing jeans… so I balanced that out with a denim jacket. I found this old Levi’s jacket about 10 years ago, in a vintage shop – I think – I actually can’t remember where I found it. That is awful – I am already losing my shopping memory at such a young age.

This jumper is one of my favourites at the moment. I have it in two colours – white and pale pink. I turned up for drinks with my friend the other day, in my new, highly original, totally one of a kind, brand new pink jumper, and my friend was wearing the same jumper in cream. A classic ‘I shop in Topshop’ problem that every girl has.

Now for the trousers. They are a new purchase from H&M from a mini haul I did from there a couple of weeks ago. I don’t really know what to call these type of trousers – they aren’t cargo pants, the aren’t travelling pants, they are just loose, thin material, trouser-things. 

I have just found out what H&M call them on their website – their official name is ‘Lyocell jogger’. I think I like my name for them better than Lyocell jogger. I also can’t write the word jogger without thinking of Ron Burgundy going yogging. 

I bought them because they looked amazing on the mannequin. (A life lesson – one must never trust what clothes look like on a mannequin, unless you yourself are a made of plastic with no flesh on you, let alone any fat or muscle. That and the fact that you do not move and don’t mind your clothes being pinned onto you to look the best they can). But anyway, I saw them, thought they were different from my standard jeans attire and that they would be perfect for spring.

Positives – the are super comfy and a great colour. Negatives – I hate how much they crinkle. I ironed these trousers just before I set off to shoot. Literally, off the ironing board, onto my legs. 20 mins later and they look like I have just fished them out of the bottom of my suitcase, after an 18 hour flight.

I realise, whilst I am writing this, that as we scroll down through the blog post, I appear to be slowly removing layers of clothing. Don’t worry I stop now. This pink top stays on.

I got it whilst I was in H&M buying the crinkly trousers. It is so loose and flowy and lacey. I was obviously in an ‘I want all my clothes to look like they are floating’ mood when I bought these items.

Last but not least – my black, personalised satchel is from The Cambridge Satchel Company. I love this bag so much – but it is so thin which means that I can’t fit my camera in it. As I take my camera everywhere with me, it means I don’t get to use this bag as much as I would like to. 

That scallop edge detail though. Dreamy.

Top | H&M

Jumper | Topshop

Trousers / lyocell joggers | H&M

Bag | The Cambridge Satchel Company

Shoes | Steve Madden from

So that was my quick & easy but highly crinkly Spring style outfit post! Thank you all for reading and please PLEASE let me know where I can get a good pair of khaki trousers that don’t scrumple like tissue paper! 


I was very kindly gifted my glittery shoes from Cloggs Footwear  – highly recommend their website for such good deals on amazing brands such as Steve Madden, converse, UGG, Hudson & Timberland – to name but a few.