Petal Parties & ‘Insneezia’ with Boots UK

If you caught my last post you would have seen that dreaded hayfever has been a hot topic.

Well – on Wednesday evening (and what a beautiful, sunny evening that was), I went with a few other bloggers to the Boots UK #PetalParty to raise awareness for “Insneezia” – the symptoms and affects of night time hayfever.

The event was SO bloomin’ good. They released over 3 millions petals into the air, all down St Christopher’s Place for an hour. Lauren Pope was DJing, (and she was actually really good – I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised) so there was music and petals filling the air. It was dreammmmmy.

It also got pretty busy so there was such a buzzing atmosphere. Lots of people dancing and taking petal selfies (obvs). The crowd was a mixture of all kinds of folk. From those knew what the event was and were loving life to those just trying to walk past who got swept up in a petal frenzy – a bit dazed by what was happening. There were also those who had had a few drinks after work and now found the petal party the most incredible thing EVER. And then there were the little kids, who were playing in the petals like it was the first snow of winter.

But let me tell you something – I was almost as excited as those little kids. Petals falling from the sky? Possible the greatest Instagram opportunity of all time. However – definitely not as easy as it sounds. It was actually SO much harder than it sounds. I got petals in my mouth every time I smiled in a selfie. Leigh and I (check out her blog – its gawjus) probably spent the entire evening trying to take blog worthy photos. It wasn’t until the event was over and everyone had dispersed – apart from a few little girls making petal castles – that we got the photos we wanted… Yes – we lay down – on the streets of London surrounded by petals. Purely for an Instagram photos. Blogger life. No shame.

When this view….

… turns into this view within a few minutes.

Getting the snapchat game on – with the same pout in every photo – classic. (Oh and come say hi over there- username is cocoachelsea)

I had about 500 petals down my top by the end of the night

So if you read my last post – you will have read a little bit about Insneezia. But never fear if you are a sufferer (and apparently there are a lot of you out there, 64% of hay fever suffers in fact claim to
suffer from ‘Insneezia’) because Boots have come up with some top tricks to try to keep yourself sneeze free and actually able to enjoy the summer this year. 

Five hacks to help reduce night-time hayfever symptoms…

1. Keep the windows shut at night and first thing in the morning. Feeling hot? Pop your pillow case in the freezer before bedtime for a temporary cooling effect
2. Wear sunglasses after sun down. Not because you’re a wannabe celeb but to help protect your eyes from pollen
3. Hang laundry inside – even when the sun is shining – because you don’t want pollen-infused bedding
4. Shower before you go to bed to help wash any stray pollen from your hair and skin which could aggravate your symptoms overnight
5. Teeth cleaned, face washed and moisturised? Don’t forget a final smear of petroleum jelly under your nose which may help trap pollen

Five hacks to help tackle the impact of ‘insneezia’ the next day…

1. Shower again! Showering in the morning helps to stimulate the circulatory system and ‘shock’ your body into a more awake state if you’ve lost out on shut-eye overnight
2. Think twice before reaching for a coffee or chocolate based pick-me-up – both contain high levels of vasoactive amines, like histamine which can cause some sensitive individuals to suffer ‘allergy-like’ symptoms
3. Lose the booze – Alcoholic drinks, such as wine and beer and cider can make it hard to sleep well anyway and these also contain histamine and other vasoactive amines.
4. Chill two teaspoons in the fridge overnight then cup them over your eyes for 5 minutes to help combat any puffiness caused by lack of sleep
5. Stay hydrated – to help replace lost fluids and help you feel more energised

*Thinks to myself* : Am I really going to lie down on the street for an Instagram photo?…

“Can someone really quickly take a photo of me lying on the floor please”. #doitforthephoto

It was such an amazing event. I want to say a huge thank you to Boots UK for inviting me to their AMAZING PetalParty & for having me be a part of their Insneezia awareness campaign.
I hope that the bits of information above are helpful to anyone who is currently blowing their nose whilst cursing flowers and trees. Another tip that my friend swears by – use a nasal spray (apparently it helps A LOT). I am now off to empty out the huge stash of petals that fell into my handbag. We are talking about 200 petals currently in my handbag. Trying to find your keys among that is almost as hard as trying to take a selfie in a petal storm.

I hope you all sleep well all summer now! Let me know if you have any hay fever tricks and hacks to help others survive! 


This post was writing in collaboration with Boots UK but the extreme happiness caused by petals was all my own.