Five Things That Made Me Happy – DAY EIGHT

ITS FRIDAYYYYY. WOO. Happy Friday night – so realistically when you read this it will be happy SATURDAY MORNING.

Can’t believe we are already one day eight. Also – does the word eight never look right to anyone else? it always looks like I have spelt it wrong… Dyslexic over here – but still… eight? Lets just stick to 8.

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cocoa chelsea topshop starbucks fluffy bag fur

I need to get better at getting these posts up before midnight!

But tonight – I was super late getting home because I was having the best time EVERRRRR at ‘Dreamgirls’ the musicallll. I can’t believe how quickly this week have flown by – I mean – Paris feels like SO long ago – but still not quite sure how this week went so quickly.

Today was a pretty productive day. Actually no – thats a lie. I had a bit of a lie in – till like 9….. I am so behind on sleep so I thought I would try and have a lie in for a bit. Then had a super slow start to the day. BUT after I was showered and dressed – I got a lot done so that was fab. And then it was dinner and a show this evening.

So without further a do – the happy list of the day!

5 Things That Made Me Happy Today:

1 . Dreamgirls. Oh my god. It was AHHHMMMMAAAZZZZING. Obviously I love the film SO much – Beyoncé singing Listen is one of my most played songs on my iPod (RIP iPod – no idea where you are – somewhere in my house… long dead because I no longer have the right charging wire… you were great). I took Zoë for her birthday present, plus we headed to Zizzi for some Italian food pre-show so it was a FAB evening.

cocoa chelsea dream girls dream girls savoy happy

So the girl that played Effie was non other than Amber Riley who played Mercedes Jones in GLEE. She was unreal. unbelievable, incredible, insane. Her lung capacity – oh my god. Zoë cried the entire time (she is like that with musicals – she literally weeped for months after seeing Aladdin (true story.)) So yeah – GREAT evening – really recommend if you 1) like musicals 2) like Dreamgirls 3) like Amber Riley 4) like music 5) like sparkles (there is a lot of sparkles).

2 . Loved having a productive shooting day today. Shot 3 outfits which was great – Darcey came over to help me with shooting, (she also took my ASOS parcel back to the Post Office for me which made me super happy as that was SO helpful) and we had some lunch, took some photos and it was just a lovely day ‘at the office’. I really like having her to help me out. She also arrived with a Starbucks this morning – such a babe.

cocoa chelsea jesschamilton instagram tiptop autumn starbucks dress Cocoa Chelsea Outfit post jesschamilton the good life Cocoa Chelsea Outfit post jesschamilton the good life miss selfridge

3 . I ate a packet of giant Hula Hoops on the way home from the theatre.

4 . OOOOHHH had my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte of the seasoooon and it was goooood.

5. (trying to think of a none food related cause of happiness…) Oh – I really REALLY love the bag in today’s instagram photo (the brown fluffy one). It literally makes me so happy. It is like carrying around a pet under your arm. no – it is like having a koala living in your armpit – or a bush baby. SO SO SO SOFT AND FLUFFY.

Click for a link to the 1) dress and 2) bag.

cocoa chelsea topshop starbucks fluffy bag fur


This weekend I am having the MOST chilled weekend ever and I CANT WAIT. Working all day tomorrow in the flat and then heading to my home home for puppy cuddles and a catch up with my mumma and hopefully a take away. Then sunday, back to the flat to work and chill 🙂

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and I will continue the series again on Monday!