Five Things That Made Me Happy – DAY SEVEN

Today is a Thursday. OK OK I AM CHEATING. I am writing this post at 12:45am on Friday 22nd. But I published an empty post at 11:58am just so it looked like I have my life together in time to get this post up on the correct day.

Box of shame for me.

So it is day seven of my little project. Fun fact about me – seven is my lucky number woop.

As always – links to all previous posts are here – and the one that started it all is here.

And my Instagram of the Day is here 🙂

Cocoa chelsea happy project hampstead high street coffee flowers pretty city london

Today was a lovely day. I got up early to get to a meeting with one of the first people I met in PR when I started blogging. Had a nice little catch up and breakfast in Hampstead (which is in North London for anyone who doesn’t know) and it is one of my favourite locations in London. The above Intsagram image was taken around that area. I one day hope that I will be fortunate enough to live around that area as it is beauuuuuut and is walking distance to Hampstead Heath aka the best place in the world for dog walks and muddy sunday afternoons.

Then Darcey (my middle sister) came to meet me- we wandered around a bit, took some photos – Darcey took some photos of pigeons when she was supposed to be taking photos of me which was great.

Then I headed back to the flat, did some emails and got changed and ready to head out for an evening with Elizabeth Arden, attending the screening of Home Again – starring Reese Withaspoon and Michael Sheen. It is also a Nancy Meyers film – the genius behind The Holiday and The Intern and wait for it…. THE PARENT TRAP. Fangirling or what.

And now I am back home – just watched far too much Netflix, cooked some pasta with cheese and now I am in bed writing this.

Nice day eh?

5 Things That Made Me Happy Today:

1 . I SAW REESE WITHASPOON AND NANCY MEYERS IN THE FLESH AT THIS SCREENING. Michael Sheen was also there – he’s cute but REESE IS WHO I WAS THERE FOR. SHE IS TINY AND GORGEOUS AND EXACTLY like Elle Woods. I know it sounds stupid as obviously it is her voice- but I couldn’t believe how much she sounded like her off screen. SO they all came to introduce the film (VERY briefly) before heading off to Graham Norton and it was magical to see her.

Nancy Meyers Reese Weithaspoon home again cocoa chelsea michael sheen Nancy Meyers Reese Weithaspoon home again cocoa chelsea michael sheen

The film is really enjoyable and funny and happy. Not my favourite film I have ever seen – but I would definitely recommend seeing it at some point – a great ‘feel good’ chick flick /rom com and the guy in it is SO CUTE I CANT EVEN DEAL.

2 . It is my first night in the flat completely alone and I am loving it. Alex is away this weekend playing golf with his uni pals – so tonight I am totally home alone. I could watch whatever drivel I like to watch without being criticised for my reality TV choices, eat pasta and cheese and stay up as late as possible. And I am lying in the middle of our bed 🙂

3 . Whilst I write this post, I am listening to The Nutcracker (the ballet) on youtube and it makes me SO happy and so so calm. I go every year to see it with my Grandma and family at Christmas and it is the most magical tradition ever.

4 . I took a ‘doggy bag’ of food home with me from the restautant last night from Zoe’s birthday and I had it for lunch. It was sublime. GREAT decision Jessica. Well done.

5 .  Can I have another food one for my 5th point? I loved my mushrooms on toast for breakfast today? No? Ok. Fine. hmm…. OOO I ordered a new book from Amazon today which is called 52 lists for happiness and I think that that might be along the lines of what I am doing here so I am so excited for that to arrive so I can let you know what I think about it.

A negative point – after using different skincare products yesterday – my skin looks like it is about to break out all over my cheeks – which I have never had before – forehead yes, nose, yes, jawline, yes, but not cheeks.  I think know it is because I over did it with how long I left the mask on, so I only have myself to blame but still annoying.

Right- bed time. It is 1:26am. That will serve me right for watching videos of dogs on Facebook for hours.