Five Things That Make Me Happy – DAY SIX

Today’s list will be very short and sweet as I can’t even explain how tired I am right now and I NEED sleep – and it is already almost midnight. AND I have a super early morning again. And running on an average of 5 hours sleep atm.

So I will stop complaining and get straight to it.

ALMOST FORGOT – Links to the series and why I started are HERE or just search ‘happy project’ or ‘meltdown’ into my search bar!!

And then link to my INSTA is here and todays insta image is below 🙂

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Big news: It is Zoë’s birthday. My little bobz is 17 which is terrifying and I literally can’t handle it at all. I want her to stay little and small forever. At least she will always be 9 years younger than me.

So that meant that today was a happy day in general.

But in list form:

5 things that made me happy today:


1 . Got up early before Zoe went to school to have breakfast together as a fam a lam. This is a tradition that will always make me happy. Every family member, every birthday – we all get up, eat off whichever party plates my mum has ordered depending on our interests – this year Zoë had Tangled table clothes and plates. I hope this tradition goes on and on.

2 . Went to The Ivy Cafe for dinner and oh my god it was soooooooooo good. I can’t explain how good the Chicken Milanese is. 

ooh a side point of what made me happy. I ordered a hot chocolate for dessert and they brought me my hot chocolate with a side of HOT CHOCOLATE. So I could top up my hot chocolate with more hot chocolate and oh my god – THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY.

SO SORRY for the awful photo quality. Low lighting and iPhone camera – not good.


3 . I got my hair dyed browner again today. Slowly going back to my natural hair colour. And I BLOODY love it. It genuinely makes me so happy when I look in the mirror and feel like my old self. I have been faking having blonde hair for months and I just never felt like it suited me.  I get my hair done at Andrew José by a mega babe called Evelina – if you are ever getting your hair done around Soho/Charlotte Street/Oxford Circus then GO there. If you are going from blonde to brown or brown to blonde – so basically anything – then she is AMAZING. She also did a full blonde balyage for Zo and it looked phenomenal.

brown hair cocoa chelsea snapchat

4 . I got to see my boyfriend again today so that was lovely. We are currently sitting on the sofa together and its lovely to see him before he deserts me again for the weekend to go play golf. He makes me very happy. Which I am super lucky about. He also bought Zoë the cutest presents, which melted my heart a little bit.

5 . Tried a new skincare mask today and I REALLY liked it. I had a 4pm face mask (taking procrastination to the next level) and I used the La Roche-Posay Effacer Clay Mask and it is the ONLY product that I have used recently that has made a GENUINELY difference to the size of my pores. Straight away. You pop in on for 5 mins – wash it off and then follow with a moisturiser and it made my nose black heads shrink a little so I am excited to try it again next week.

SO YAHHH – that is day 6. I have no idea if any of the above is written in English as my eyes are 100% not open – so pleased my mum sent me to touch typing classes against my will one Easter holiday – makes writing blog posts at 1am so much easier when you don’t have to look at the screen.