Five Things That Made Me Happy – DAY TEN

Hey honey buns – it is day ten, at 10 (ish) on tuesday, ta-da. Drinking some tea.

Today – I literally didn’t leave the house. Actually I popped out quickly to grab a smoothie and pick up some dinner … but other than that – I didn’t leave.

I had so much stuff to deal with today, got a lot going atm – so it was ideal to lock myself away from everything and focus on that. So today’s summary will be mega short… but hopefully we will find 5 things.

Catch up with everything here from the past 10 days!

Cocoa Chelsea Radley handbag vintage zoomed in details velvet floral shoes

After feeling like such a Debbie Downer and a Negative Nelly about Instagram last night/ yesterday  – I didn’t post this morning and it was delightful. I ignored my phone all day and actually did some real work rather than refreshing a stupid app. Posted again this afternoon and am just not checking what is happening because its all too stressful haha. But above is the instagram – and if you aren’t following me then I am over here so come say hi!

I am not quite sure how it has got to 10:52pm – literally today has disappeared.

OH MY GOD I JUST BROKE A NAIL. OH NOOOOO. Ow its my thumb nail – its basically all gone. Totally my fault – my nails are super thin after overdoing the shellac-ing so they are super bendy – and I just bent it too far – testing it – and it has ripped so far down. Oh great. Ow now it hurts. Oh typing will be fun.



Back to happiness.

I forgotten what I was saying so lets just get into the list

5 Things That Made Me Happy Today:

1 . I am currently eating chocolate biscuits and a cup of tea and I am wearing a face mask and I look disgusting, under my minnie mouse blanket and I am so content right now. And warm. My tea doesn’t have milk in it today (as I have the worst cold and apparently milk in the devil if you have a cold) so my tea is just hot water with some tea flavour – but its ok. Really want some honey in it. But don’t have any. So thats a semi negative part of this happiness point.

2 . I am totally loving the face mask that is currently all over me ugly mug (for clarification – I am talking about my face, not the mug of tea). It is an OhK! mask – has anyone ever tried their stuff? I am actually working on an Instagram image with them for a different type of mask – but when I was in Oliver Bonas the other day (hold on – I have just realised how random it was that Oliver Bonas were selling face masks!?!) I picked this mask up to try it out. One thing you will not know about me unless you follow me on Instagram – is that I LOVE a sheet mask. OH MY GOD I could wear them all day. They are my favourite things ever. Apart from when you try and eat a chocolate biscuit like I just did and you can’t really open your mouth wide enough, so the mask slips down a bit and I now have digestive biscuit crumbs sinking into the mask around my chin. SO SEXY. But I am loving this one – it is called the ‘Glowing Skin Gold Dust Hydrogel Mask’ and it is dreamy. It is a sheet mask – but it comes in two parts – chin area and forhead/eye area. So that is super helpful because you can position them correctly on your face. I am a big fan of this. Plus they are gold and slimy and thick and delicious. Everything you want from a sheet mask. Feels super hydrating also.

gold dust sheet mask tea OhK!

It wasn’t cheap – it was £6.50 for one mask – but you do get what you paid for, as I would say this is a luxury sheet mask. Also – it says leave it on for 30 mins which is great – I hate 10 min sheet masks – whats the point.

3 . I got a blog post up today that wasn’t a happiness post – it was an outfit post! WOO. It has been months since I got an outfit post up – and I think that this is one of my favourite posts to date also. Go have a little peak – here – if you wanna see how I styled some pink things.

4 . I did feel productive today. I got a lot done, but also have SO much more to get done that it is stressing me out. So lets not think about that right now. Lets move on.


AHHH just dribbled tea into my sheet mask too. This is going terriblible.

5 . I have a very exciting trip that has just been confirmed for Friday – I AM OFF TO JAMAICA BIATCHES. Oh my god – so exciting. It has been on the cards for ages – but due to the hurricane etc etc I didn’t think we would end up going etc. But today we have it all fully confirmed and so on Friday morning I am off to the Caribbean and the best part is that I get to take a plus 1 and Alex has been given that time off work which is AMAZING. So we are off. I can’t wait to spend some time with him when we are both running around like crazy trying to organise our lives.

print vacation cocoa chelsea happiness holidays

Duvet update – hate the summer duvet (from yesterday) – can’t admit that to him though – he will be crushed. Maybe he will read this post and change it back… Only time will tell.

Hope you all had fabulous days!! Let me know what your happy parts of your days have been!!

until tomorrow

See ya