Five Things That Made Me Happy – DAY FOUR


So guys. Day Four. We took the weekend off. It was nice. But I am actually so loving being back to writing my little happy posts and yet again I have about 25min to write this post so that it goes up on the right bloody date…

Baby steps.

I can’t wait to get 5 posts of 5 things that make me happy up this week – Monday to Friday kiddies.

For those of you who are new – HELLO WELCOME HI HI HI I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU.

So you can get up to speed here are some helpful links:

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Ok – so you are all caught up.

So it is 11:39am London time but it is 12:39am PARIS TIME BABY. That’s right – I am writing this post from my hotel room in The Hoxton in Paris. I am here on a press trip with Wallis Fashion. Just for one night but it is such a gorgeous little mini escape from London. Paris is magic. Such a gorgeous place – I love every single street here. It is just the most incredibly beautiful city ever.

COCOA CHELSEA paris wallis jardin du palais royal COCOA CHELSEA paris wallis jardin du palais royal Cocoa Chelsea wedding girls

So lets get straight into it- what has made me happy today:

  1. I am in Paris
  2. I am in Paris
  3. I am in Paris
  4. I am in Paris
  5. I am in Paris.

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to read this post. That is all from me. Peace out.


COCOA CHELSEA paris wallis gare du nord

Five Things That Made Me Happy Today:

1 . This is kind of a throwback happiness point but I had the BEST weekend (a few lows but overall – highly positive). I got to spend Saturday celebrating one of my friend from school’s wedding. The first one of our group to get married. I honestly didn’t think I would cry. But when Sinead walked down the aisle, all of us – 12 of us – cried. She is married to the most amazing guy, they are literally perfect for each other and it was incredibly special to be apart of that day.

But my favourite part of the wedding was at the very end of the night – all the girls had sacked off our heels – some (me) sooner than others – and replaced them for the thoughtfully provided flip flops. The boys had removed their ties (it took me a LOT time to convince Alex not to tie his around his head like a bandana. He asked on multiple times if he should do it. No Alex, obviously not) and everyone was jumping around like 12 year olds having the most amazing time.

It was during “Teenage Dirtbag” where everyone was jumping around like lunatics and screaming at the top of their lungs, that I looked around the room to see my group of friends all dancing together, smiling and SO happy. This group of girls contains girls I have know for over 15 years. One who I have known since I was 2, one since I was 4 and everyone else since I was 11. These people are all still in my life after all these years and I feel closer to them now that I ever have.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to them actually. It never used to be like this. I actually don’t think any of them read my blog which is totally fine, but I will thank them anyway. I was super ill at school – and I actually massively removed myself from my group of girls. They are incredibly loud, outgoing, hilarious, sometimes intimidating, head strong, opinionated women, and from the ages of 14 – 24, as much as I wanted to, I really wasn’t able to keep up with them. I won’t go into the illness side of things right now – but basically I couldn’t go out until 4am every weekend, and because I was just too ill to go to school, let alone go to peoples houses after school, I ended up massively pulling myself away from everyone, as I hated feeling like a loser who stayed in every night. It got worse and worse – and I only started making the effort to see them at birthday, especially 21st’s & 25th’s. I just never felt like I fitted in with them. They are closer than close as a friendship group. However, recently, I have got better, physically, mentally and emotionally. And you know what, they have completely welcomed me back into their lives so amazingly that it makes my heart swell with gratitude. And they also love Alex. Probably more than they love me (who doesnt) and Alex loves them. And loves their boyfriends. And loves hanging out with them as much as I do. And I just love all of them for letting me slot back into their friendship group like they have, without ever mentioning my absence.

I will never get to share ALL the memories that they have shared together – but I can sure as hell start making new ones with them now. I am not as shy, socially anxious and painful quiet as I used to be. And I love that who I am now, and as I grown into who I want to be, is being accepted and loved. So Poptarts, thank you, I love you.

Cocoa Chelsea wedding girls throwing bouquet catching the bouquetCocoa Chelsea wedding girls

2 . My camomile tea is the perfect brewedness. I hate it when it gets too strong or too weak and guys – I have 100% nailed it

3 . I am in Paris. I can’t believe how lucky I am that I am spending my Monday night in a gorgeous hotel room in a gorgeous hotel. I am also listening to some good old R&B and it is giving me life. But also that I get to do my dream job. I love fashion. I love travel. I love coats. I loved having a mini photoshoot on the streets of Paris. Literally what I dream about.

COCOA CHELSEA paris wallis COCOA CHELSEA paris wallis girls bloggers

COCOA CHELSEA paris wallis hoxton hotel paris COCOA CHELSEA paris wallis hoxton hotel COCOA CHELSEA paris wallis hoxton hotel goals COCOA CHELSEA paris wallis interior goals hoxton hotel COCOA CHELSEA paris wallis hoxton floor fwis shoes

4 . Blogging is constantly introducing me to new experiences and new people. I didn’t know a single person on this press trip before I got here at 7am this morning. A year ago, even 6 moths ago, this would have terrified me. I would have had anxiety all weekend about turning up at St Pancras and not being about to find the group I was meant to be meeting and oh what if everyone hated me, or everyone was so much cooler than me. But I just turned up, said hello to everyone and that was it. And I have met some incredible fabulous ladies this evening. We got to shoot a little something something for Wallis today – their Autumn Winter coats – and it was SO much fun. And tomorrow, I am off for the morning of exploring one of my favourite places.


5 . The make up artist on the shoot today told me I had lovely skin – which is always the nicest thing to hear seeing as I personally struggle with my skin so much and have done foreverrrrr.


Ok my little cherubs. I have now been awake for far too many hours and I am operating on far too few hours of sleep! Can’t wait to get up tomorrow morning and explore what Paris has to offer until we come home in the early afternoon. We aren’t seeing the Eiffel Tower which I am super sad about but hey – it is an excuse to come back soon.

Thank you so so much for every single comment and every single person who has read my posts. It means so much to me and it makes me happy writing these posts – and even happier knowing people are enjoying them. I know some people think they are stupid – and have vocalised that on Twitter – but for everyone else – YOU ARE MY FAVOURITES. xx